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Vintage Living: A Modern Take on Mudcloth

Vintage Living-Mucloth

I have been fascinated for some time with mudcloth, it is a beautifully handcrafted fabric rich in African culture and tradition. Originated by the Malian community, this fabric making process has been a part of their culture ever since. It is a process that involves woven cotton cloth, fermented mud and clay, natural dyes & bleach. Each cloth is distinct and holds a story told through its pattern crafted by the individual artisan. It has had a modern influence lately and has become a trend in home design. The uses in interiors is exciting to see, the small, bold pattern blends well with other scales and hues & is complimentary with many style aesthetics.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use mudcloth in the home.

If you love this pattern and would like to introduce it into your space then why not try a few pillows. Pillows are the best way to begin to use any trend. It is a low commitment, plus you can gauge if you really love it or not. You can find these pre-made on such sites as Etsy or you can buy the fabric & make them yourself. Another fun way to get the mudcloth look is to try a DIY. I made these pillows below with a plain canvas pillow, sharpie and a paint swatch.

DIY Mudcloth Pillows -Using a Sharpie and $6 Pillow, Pair it With Indigo Blue

City Farmhouse

You can find fabric, tapestries and pillows in many distinct colors and hues. One of my favorites is the hand dyed indigo below. It pairs beautifully with warm wood tones, grays and brings a cool, coastal vibe.

Crisp, clean bohemian meets midcentury living room with vintage Danish modern arm chairs, indigo mudcloth pillows, oversized beach print and floor to ceiling white built-in bookshelves.

Amber Interiors

Sugar & Charm-Africam Mudcloth Pillows

Sugar + Charm

If you know you love this handcrafted cloth and want a bigger statement then how about some DIY wallpaper. This look is not only fun but gives an artisan sensibility. You can add white writing to a black wall or black writing to a white wall, either way the look is original, affordable and super stylish. A focal wall over a bed is also a great way to add interest and give an appearance of a headboard.

Amber Interiors New Office Bathroom With Mudcloth Inspired Wallpaper

Amber Interiors

heavy threads- Impulse Master Bedroom awesome hand painted mudcloth wall design

Heavy Threads

A bed covering, throw or duvet at the bottom of a bed or draped over a couch is another great way to use mudcloth in your home. This especially works well if you find a vintage piece that is long enough to use as a throw blanket. It adds a striking layer of texture and originality and will be sure to be a conversation starter.

Batik Indigo Mudcloth DIY-Francois et Moi

Francois et Moi

Urban Outfitters Mudcloth Inspired Duvet

Urban Outfitters

If accessories are your thing, then why not add a DIY like this mudcloth-inspired plant holder to your space. By mimicking some of the authentic mudcloth designs you can easily replicate this is your home. You can also try this technique with small boxes, coffee cups or any kitchen ceramics.

DIY Mudcloth Inspired Planters-Francois et Moi

Francois et Moi

Using a mudcloth tapestry above your bed as a headboard is one of my favorite ways to use this trend. It creates a focal point, adds texture and character to a bedroom with very little effort. This is also a great idea if you are renting or change things around frequently.

Amber Interiors-Mucloth Tapestry Headboard

Amber Interiors

If you can find authentic mudcloth fabric why not use it to cover a bench, stool or small chair. These small furnishings do not need a lot of fabric to upholster and it can bring a big impact to an area, especially a mudroom or entry.

Grab some fabric (we suggest beautiful, durable mud cloth), follow our instructions and upgrade your space with a bench you made yourself.


I know we have passed the holiday season but how cute are these?! These adorable mudcloth stockings paired with faux fur makes for a cozy holiday essential. Maybe you can save this idea for next season, I know I will:).

African Mucloth Shearling Cuffed Stockings By House Of Pillows on Etsy

House of Pillows

Thank you for sharing time with me today. Have a great week!

Jen-City Farmhouse

3 Responses to “ Vintage Living: A Modern Take on Mudcloth ”

  1. Have my interest so where do I get that fabric. Know daughter would love it also for their tv room. The texture of cloth looks almost like a gauze fabric and quite neutral.
    Love your pillow made with this fabric.
    Instead of waiting for you to tell me where you got mudcloth since think you’re pretty busy lady, will do a search. If you have info about the mudcloth which might help me find it leave me quick email if you get a chance. Have wonderful weekend Jen. Happy daze

    better do searchfor fabric, would be very

  2. Simply beautiful! I love all of the rooms you selected. What a great pattern to be neutral and modern (with a bit of fun!) all of the same time! Thanks for sharing!

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