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From Aisle to Home: Creating An Affordable Spa Retreat at Home

You don’t need a beach vacation to feel cool, calm and collected—all it takes are a few small updates to transform your home into the ultimate spa retreat. Start first with your bed and bath: introduce calming colors and soothing linens that reflect your personal style. This will help your loved ones recharge in the safe space they call home. Below, the BHG Live Better Network of Bloggers offer affordable tips to refreshing the rooms you spend time in the most, all while using Better Homes and Gardens products sold exclusively at Walmart. Read on for more:

1.) Ashley Thurman at Cherished Bliss suggests adding fluffy white towels to your linen rotation. Plushy, comfy, matching towels add a spa-like feel to the bathroom, and with this extra absorbent towel collection, you’ll see 50 percent more absorbency than other towels.

2. Ashley Mcleod at Domestic Imperfection added rustic accents (like this Oracoke Frame) and her favorite scented jar candle to create a relaxing space in her home. The textured white wash wood texture of the frame exudes a coastal calm, and there’s nothing more soothing that sniffing your favorite scent.

3. Bethany Halford at Whoa Wait Walmart used outdoor accessories to create a indoor sanctuary in her bedroom. A 12″ white ribbon lantern became a vase for fresh cut flowers, and a patio stool now doubles as the perfect seat for her make-shift vanity.

4.) Chelsea Coulston at Make Home Base suggests adding small yet functional decor touches. For her bathroom, she chose a green plant, extra towels, and this cute “things” jar to hide small knicks and knacks—perfect for cotton balls, q-tips or even hair ties.

5. Destiny Alfonso at Just Destiny knows that towels that aren’t just looks—while this gray and white chevron hand towel is stylish and pleasing to the eye, it’s also extra absorbent.

6. Brooke Ulrich at All Things Thrifty recommends using white bedding to make a room feel bright, airy and peaceful. This White Ruching Bedding Set evokes that calming feeling and at just $50, it won’t break the bank.

7. Heidi Ferguson at Honeybear Lane uses small but impactful wall art to make the most of a tight bathroom space. By using this Sunburst Wall Mirror, she makes an attractive statement without overwhelming the tight quarters.

8. Jennifer Burg at The Suburban Mom suggests using novelty bath accessories (like this adorable owl toothbrush holder) to bring nature inside the home. Got a thing for owls? There’s also a jar, soap pump, shower curtain, towels and more.

9. Liz Latham at Hoosier Homemade isn’t afraid of a matchy-matchy bathroom. With a shower curtain, hooks and two rugs included in this Better Homes and Gardens bath set, you can take the stress out of decorating and focus on what really matters: YOU!

10. For a different take on a rustic bathroom, Myra Yarbrough at My Blessed Life suggests adding shimmery accessories. This can be light and airy, and a nice soothing contrast to the roughness of a more traditional style.

11. Ursula Carmona at Home Made by Carmona suggests stocking up on white gallery frames. Surrounding yourself with photos of the ones you love is the definition of serenity.

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3 Responses to “ From Aisle to Home: Creating An Affordable Spa Retreat at Home ”

  1. So many great ideas, where do I begin?
    I’m honored to have our bathroom included, thank you!

  2. The towels at the top of your web page(link above) are the best towels I have ever used. Thin and thick at the same time so that you can dry your ears(textured). I bought 1 at walmart( to my wifes objection since she only buys organic). However, I was so impressed I went back and bought her one anyway. The oly unfurtunate thing is that the seam started unraveling after one use.

  3. This design is very good and makes me inspired

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