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Thank you for your nominations! The nomination period is now closed. Check back on February 22 when we reopen voting for the Top 10!


16 Responses to “ BHG Blogger Awards Nomination Form ”

  1. White Lace cottage, sends wonderful diy decorating advice, and also posts peaceful lovely photos online. The photos she posts often fill my heart with a smile, unlike so much ugliness that fills the news streams.

  2. I would like to nominate White Lace Cottage.

  3. Love this blog about decorating, family, recipes, and fit. Beautiful pictures and great ideas.

  4. Dear Lillie is a great blog about decorating , family, and fit.

  5. Everyone is like best friends and feels like family

  6. Katherine Taylor (Marty)has a couple of topic she blogs on … her beautiful Mothers wonderful recipes, her sweet fur-babies, but her love for those people who are less fortunate than some of us are shows what a loving kind hearted person she is. I love any & everything she writes about!

  7. Love sharing news from our home and gardens with garden and wildlife photos and recipes for a healthy diet and lifestyle!

  8. Brittany B. Says writes great articles in her blog on ‘Everything garden’ Vote for this young new writer!

  9. Yana is the founder and editor of the lifestyle blog, NoMad Luxuries. A blog dedicated to inspire readers through travel, interior décor, style and food, all while maintaining a global perspective. As an avid traveler and design aficionado, Yana joined her passions and opened a boutique in Chicago featuring a well-curated selection of furniture and home décor. NoMad Luxuries has been featured in The Everygirl, Home Depot, Apartment Therapy, Joss and Main, Style Me Pretty and more.

  10. Love the DIY and design tips at Duke Manor Farm. Laura is so creative and inspiring. She makes you believe you can do anything.

  11. I love A Garden for the House. I nominated it for the garden category, but home and food are fantastic, too.

  12. Welcome Home is one of the most genuine blogs on the Internet. From the stories she writes about the wisdom of her Mother, to the recipes she shares and the mission she is on to save the lives of dogs and cats in shelters to her journey for helping the homeless. This blog is real and heartfelt. It is comfort. It is home.

  13. Intentional Designs is a decorating blog that offers many real life ideas that I, myself, can create in my home. Nancy Wildermuth gives advice for your home that is not expensive nor difficult to achieve. her blog posts keep me in the know and up to date with information concerning paint colors, curtain styles, placing furniture, fabrics, patterns, etc. the photos are wonderful examples of her ideas. when i read her blog i feel inspired.
    her motto is “be happy + be comfortable in your home” and that is how i want to feel in my home.

  14. Finding a style/fashion blog that appeals to women of all backgrounds, ages, shapes and sizes in an authentic and meaningful way is something to get excited about! The Heart’s Delight ( has become one of my MUST reads each morning and Stella has helped changed the way I think about style. You could say she’s helped me discover my heart’s delight right in my own closet and home. From the beautiful images to the great step-by-step guides — she’s helped me find inspiration in my “every day” and for that I couldn’t be more thankful.

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