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Vintage Living: Favorite Holiday Ideas

Vintage Living-Favorite Holiday Ideas

Did you happen to get pulled into blogland this week & swept away {like me} with all the holiday tours? This time of year is my favorite for so many reasons, one being the bountiful amount of creative ideas all over blogland and the internet for that matter. It’s not only about the decorating for me but setting the stage to welcome family & friends into our homes and to also be present with the ones who matter most. You can feel that sweet sentiment resonate through the holiday house tours this year and that is what I love most about catching a glimpse into these homes. A great deal of care goes into these tours through building a bridge with the past and layering in vintage and once loved family pieces. I also love seeing the connection made with nature and the thought of bringing in simple, rustic touches into a home at Christmas time and not to mention the DIY’s, they were off the charts. With that being said, I thought I would share with you my favorite vintage living, holiday ideas of the season, thus far.

For my own tour this year it was all about family, I let my 2 boys decorate our “big” family room tree the way they wanted to, using ornaments that have been in my family for 50+ years. I mixed those from my parents and siblings with new ones from my own family. This tree was far from perfect but it’s my favorite so far because it was crafted by their little hands using treasured pieces of the past.

BHG VL-Using Family Vintage Ornaments

Another favorite from my own home {if I can say that:)} is the color inspiration for the tour, which came from vintage plaid, wool picnic blankets I purchased on Etsy. Although I hold plaid in the highest regard, especially at the holidays, I didn’t want to go overboard, I do believe sometimes less is more and in this case the vintage blankets {used on my porch as well} were the perfect, festive touch.

BHG VL-Vintage Plaid Blanket Adds a Cozy Touch-City Farmhouse


Ahh, antlers! My favorite use of antlers comes from Nesting With Grace. Adding it above the vintage inspired chalkboard, in the kitchen of all places, genius! You can find antlers that animals have shed while walking through a wooded area or purchase them new, either way it’s a great styling idea for the holidays.

Nesting With Grace -Antlers


Vintage galvanized tubs and buckets can be found just about everywhere these days. Why not fancy them up a bit by adding some DIY lettering. Liz Marie takes these ordinary, plain metal tubs and creates a fun, focal point on her holiday front porch.

BHG Vintage Living-Galvanized Containers To Hold Logs and Greenery


We all need extra seating during the holidays, that is why I am head over heals for this church pew/dining room bench from Kindred Vintage. Even if you can’t seem to find one in time for the holidays, any thrifted, non matching chairs would add functionality to your holiday table while also saving you some money, we all know new chairs can be pricey.

BHG VL-Kindred Vintage Church Pew Makes for Extra Seating


My favorite chalkboard belongs to House Seven, it is understated and elegant at the same time. The idea that it is blank also creates a simple & balanced contrast with the wreaths, another reason I am swooning over it.

House Seven-Simple Chalkboard


I feel like each year, I am more and more drawn towards simple and uncomplicated decorating, whether it be at the holidays or year round. There is something softly spoken about a few items grouped together to achieve a stylish display. I adore Julie Blanner’s whole philosophy on design and this vignette is no exception. Why not use a few nature inspired, wintery photographs with a simple wreath on a mantle or on a vintage piano like this, to achieve a holiday look.

Julie Blanner-Simple Decorating Ideas


You have to just love the way an old, worn, chippy white frame looks with a simple evergreen wreath. I never tire of this classic, vintage aesthetic, Maison de Pax captures a modern farmhouse feel perfectly with this clean and crisp holiday mantle.

Maison de Pax-Vintage Window


Favorite use of a vintage dough bowl goes to Rooms for Rent, I fancy the idea of putting it under the Christmas tree and filling it with gifts. It adds another natural layer and gives height to the floor.

Rooms for Rent Dough Bowl Filled with Ornaments & Gifts


The prize this week for perfect sensibility when it comes to mixing old with new goes to Shades of Blue. When a home can tell a story and connect the past with the present, it is a beautiful thing.

Shades of Blue-Mixing Old With New


Favorite card holder of all time! I love the idea of using old shutter doors to display your holiday cards. It gives height and also allows for easy viewing, genius idea by The Wicker House.

The Wicker House Shutter Door


Onto my favorite DIY’s this year that all have a rustic vibe. First up, how adorable and clever is this DIY Blanket Carrier made from old belts? Craftberry Bush always offers up holiday project’s that are original, beautiful and functional.

BHG VL-Craftberry Bush-Birch Logs and DIY Blanket Carrier


With the vast amount of store bought holiday décor there is to choose from these days, it’s refreshing to see something handmade. This large twig star from Jeanne Oliver Designs is a favorite because it is an easy project you can do with your children and grandchildren. Thinking about taking a walk in the woods to collect the twigs, then creating this while listening to your favorite holiday songs sounds pretty wonderful, doesn’t it?

BHG VL-DIY Stick Star Jeanne Oliver Designs


Last but not least are these DIY Vintage Inspired Stocking Stretchers by Inspired By Charm. From the moment saw them on IG I was smitten. The fact that I actually thought these were the real deal speaks to the originality and craftsmanship of this project.

BHG VL-DIY Stocking Stretchers Inspired By Charm


I hope you enjoyed these projects and homes as much as I did. Enjoy the holiday season!

Jen-City Farmhouse

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  1. Thanks for sharing these. I had seen some of these but not all. I love looking at the beautiful homes and getting great ideas from so many talented people. You included. I absolutely love your home and blog. Happy Holidays!

  2. Absolutely stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful interior design. I love this way. all the home appliances are just unique. most importantly i would give emphasize on the design since they are so stunning. i am going to grab this idea to furnish my home.
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful gala of design for home decoration.

  4. I didn’t see any warmth in these pictures that could be considered Vintage. And Animal Skins are on their way out, do to Knowledge of their Suffering!

  5. Love the pictures.
    May use some ideas.

  6. Love the pics

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