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Flea Market Chic-Farmhouse Tables

BHG Flea Market Chic-Farmhouse Tables

It is hard to believe we are about to embark on the holiday season, it seems like those carefree summer days were just yesterday, doesn’t it? I happen to like the change of seasons, there is something about hunkering down and enjoying quiet time inside. And of course, lets not forget the holidays, where family and friends gather in our homes to share and create lasting memories. When I think back to my childhood & all the festivities, I can’t help but think about our dining room table. I have vivid memories of my mother and I setting the table the night before, cooking all day & then finally bringing the food out for everyone to enjoy, there was just a contentment about all of us being together. The dining room table has always been that place everyone gathers, laughs, shares moments, makes connections and of course where we all eat way too much. We have seen this trend towards getting back to the basics when it comes to hospitality and enjoying the simplicity of it. Just people gathered around a table sharing time, with that has been a lean towards rustic, farmhouse tables. There is just something so idyllic about a big table with the ones you love joined together. Here are a few of my favorite farmhouse table inspirations, as well as some tips if you are hoping to make a change yourself by introducing one to your home this season…

Farmhouse tables come in all shapes and sizes but if you host sit down dinners or large gatherings often, then you may need one that is extra long and can seat at least 3 people on each side. The great thing about these tables is you can create one that is custom for your space. You can either DIY one yourself using reclaimed wood or have a local carpenter make one for you. If you have any local farmhouse shops in your area, ask them, chances are they have someone they can recommend. You can also find them pre-made at those same local shops or flea markets.

Perfectly Imperfect Recliamed Wood Table


Nest of Bliss-Farmhouse Table


If you are looking to use reclaimed wood for your farmhouse table be sure to shop around. Ask your local shops to see if they know of anyone who sells it, check salvaged shops and look in the classifieds. I found that the more I knew about pricing, the less I paid.

BHG Farmhouse Table

The organic, natural look is what draws people to these tables. Whether you have authentic barnwood or creating your own using a layering of stains, you should protect your table and its beautiful patina. Sealing the wood with a non-tinted wax will maintain the rustic look & tone but will prevent stains. Testing a small hidden area beforehand is a good idea, even if just to test the amount to use. This is also especially helpful if you intend to use your table outside as well.

Home Remedies-Farmhouse Table


Liz Marie Farmhouse Table


West Elm Harvest Table


If you are looking for a little bit of a challenge then why not build one yourself. You can use a plan from Ana White with either your reclaimed wood or your DIY wood. I have many friends who have used this source & have LOVED it!! If you don’t have all the tools, ask your local hardware store to see if they will rent them, usually they will.

Dear Lillie-Our Updated Dining Room with a New Farmhouse Table


Rooms For Rent-Outside Farmhouse Dining


I saved the best for last-styling! Oh how I love a good, authentically styled farmhouse table, don’t you? The simplicity of the table allows for a bit of styling freedom. You can mix and match chairs or add a bench or 2. You can see how bringing a table outside for an event can also add ambiance by allowing the natural landscape to set the mood. Blankets, throws and pillows add a coziness to the space while organic objects & flowers give way to store bought accessories. And a farmhouse table set for an occasion wouldn’t be quite perfect without an abundance of candles.

Brit & Co. Harvest Table


Jeanne Oliver-outside dining


Southern California Bride-Harvest-Inspired Engagement Party Shoot - Tiffany Amber Photography


Waiting on Martha Harvest Table


Thank you for stopping by!

Jen-City Farmhouse

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  1. I love the look of these tables it does remind me of home, the holidays and celebrating family time.
    A wonderful representation of simple yet elegant tables which are like the food that goes on them family comfort.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. I absolutely love this!!!

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