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5 Tips for Giving Your Home a Natural Edge + Habitat Book Giveaway

Hi everyone!  It’s Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home.  I’m a DC-based decorator who loves to keep things simple, relaxed, and natural. I recently decorated the 2015 BHG Innovation Home, and today I’m popping in to share a few of my favorite tips for giving your home a ‘natural’ edge with a few sneak peeks from my new book, Habitat: The Field Guide to Decorating.

1. Incorporate natural, textural materials into your decorating. Natural materials, such as natural woven rug and roman shades, wood, and natural fabrics like linen, hemp and cotton make a room feel more ‘touchable’ and relaxed. They bring a natural warmth to a space.

2. Gather, Collect & Display.  Take walks whenever you can and pick up what’s around you and bring it inside to display. My kids love to hunt for natural objects, be it at the beach or a walk around the neighborhood. A simple acorn becomes a treasured object when displayed on the wall in vintage printers’ trays.

3.  Plants Add Life to a Space.  There’s something about a shot of living green in a home that makes it feel fresh and lively. Enliven a tranquil color palette with bright green fern or easy-to-care-for succulents.

4.  Cut Greens Make a Simple Statement.  Even when there aren’t any flowers in bloom or you’ve killed off your houseplants (like I tend to do every now and then!) cut greens from outdoors can bring a bit of nature and life into the house.   I like to display them in little vases throughout the house and especially love varieties that will take root and live for months.

5. Focus on the Views.  If you have a particularly beautiful view just outside, make a focal point out of the window or windows so that the focus of the room is on the great outdoors itself.  Window seats are a seriously cozy way to do this, along with having seating face the windows, or leaving them completely bare or very simply adorned for an unobstructed view.

*Photos by Helen Norman


I hope you enjoyed these simple tips from bringing a natural vibe into your home!  We’re giving away 5 copies of Habitat so to enter the contest,  tell us one way you like to incorporate nature into your own home in the comment below. You can enter again by following @BHG on Twitter and tweeting with #BHGHabitatSweepstakes. Official rules here.



71 Responses to “ 5 Tips for Giving Your Home a Natural Edge + Habitat Book Giveaway ”

  1. I’m in Minnesota, so I love overwintering my plants inside. I have a beautiful collection of succulents, lavender and curly whirly getting ready for the colder months ahead in the warmth of my living room. I’m also a fan of the blinds in the first two photos. I’m going to see if I can convince my husband to treat me to something similar for Christmas!

  2. My favorite is bringing wildflowers from the mountains or branches of colorful leaves inside. I love bringing the seasons into my home as much as I can!

  3. I definitely need to add more greenery to our home. Great tips :)

  4. I bring nature into my home by emphasizing the views and having plants in every room

  5. I live in Florida, so incorporating some of natures beauty in our indoor space just adds to the light heartfelt atmosphere and cheeriness that brought us here to live. Every room in our home is truly a joy to be lived in!

  6. I think the best way is to have plants or a table made of wood

  7. I just purchased a round jute rug and sea grass lampshade for my entryway… love them! You are right texture really brings warmth!

  8. I love looking at the seashells or interesting rocks that my kids have picked up on beach vacations. Your post has spurred my interest in trying to display them in a more interesting way!

  9. I live near the beach, so we gather seashells every trip and place them in glass jars in our home. My 4 year old is always so proud of her treasures!

  10. I already fell hard for the succulent trend, so this fall I’m looking to add ferns and a big mother in law’s tongue to my main living room. Will be nice to have something producing fresh air while we’re cooped up for the winter!

  11. I love looking for anything botanical – fabric, artwork, even little sculptures to place on a mantel or bookshelf. I have rowdy boys that knock plants over so this is my favorite safe way to bring nature inside during this season of my life!

  12. Now that my kids are past the toddler stage and therefore don’t eat dirt, I would love to add more plants to my house. Lots and lots of plants (that I hopefully won’t kill).

  13. Fiddle leaf figs!! Such a statement piece and a great way to bring the outdoors in!

  14. A few years ago my son found a large piece driftwood on the beach across the bay from Seattle in Indianola., WA. It’s big enough to lay across a mantle or prop in a corner. No matter where we live, this driftwood remains my favorite piece. Textural and fun to look at, but also full of memories!

  15. Most of our windows face a park with a pond, just across the street. Especially great to watch the seasons transition.

  16. I’ve copied Lauren’s trick of using an old printer’s box to display shells, rocks, etc. that seem to always come home in my little one’s pockets.

  17. love the idea of incorporating live plants and cuttings to bring life into a home.

  18. Displaying oranges in a black wooden pedestal bowl on my dining room table has been an unexpected pop of natural color.

  19. Love this title, can’t wait to page through

  20. We live on a street with 50 year old olive trees. I clip the suckers and use them as vase fillers. They last forever and are so beautiful and meaningful!

  21. Love Lauren’s style! I actually went to put chase her book and my store didn’t have it yet! Maybe it was meant to be!

  22. Such a beautiful book! I love walking out to my yard and displaying yard clippings in a pretty vase.

  23. I would absolutely ADORE this book!!!! Pick me, pick me :)

  24. We have a beautiful view of our backyard from a wall of windows in the living room area. I try to keep it as open and simple as possible there so that we can enjoy the view to its fullest.

  25. I love bringing in plants and greenery

  26. I love plants and botanical prints – greens just pair so nicely with neutrals! Love these tips and spaces!

  27. I would absolutely love this book!

  28. Greenery really warms up a space! Vacant wait to read Lauren’s new book, Habitat!

  29. I really need to get my hands on this book to help me learn how to decorate my new home with my favorite thing- nature!!

  30. Plants,plants, and more plants. I also like to decorate with colors and other elements seen in nature:)

  31. I collect interesting rocks and display them on my mantle, my favorites are always the found ones that have an adventure story behind them, although I could also spend a small fortune on stones, minerals and geodes!

  32. Hi Lauren,
    I just love all things about decorating and styling homes. I’m photographer from RI and I moved to Orange County about a year ago. It was when I moved here that I discovered what it was that I was truly meant to do and that’s interior design. I am enrolled in the winter certificate program at the Interiors Designers institute and I’m super excited about this new adventure coming my way. There’s something to be said about the elements of nature. I love bringing the outdoors in. Every season. Branches are my favorite. There’s so many things you can do with them!! Wether it’s putting them in a vase or using them as a headboard. The posiibilites are endless. Bringing nature into your life is an uplifting feeling. It makes you feel good. There’s a sense of peace that comes with it. I’m currently beginning the process of making a bathroom mat out of stone. (Wish me luck) !
    I would love a copy of your book, it will be the first book of many decorating books to come.

  33. We bring the outdoors in as much as possible. Using native plants as decor and local materials from the outside.

  34. This book looks great! I would love for more people to have access to this content.

  35. I started following Lauren Liess on Instagram earlier this year, and I’ve used her as inspiration to add greenery into my home. I recently added a Majesty Palm to my livingroom, as well as a ZZ plant in a cool vintage pot I found at Goodwill. I can’t wait to add some other small houseplants to other rooms in my house. I live in Minnesota, and I have no doubt that these little pops of green will help me get through the long winter. Lauren has the best ways of incorporating natural elements into her decor!

  36. Living in Wisconsin we try to bring the outdoors inside as much as possible. I like to do this by placing native flower arrangements from our garden thoughout our house, and by changing up our mantle decor with the seasons.

  37. I love cutting flowers from my own garden to bring into my home!

  38. I love decorating my apartment with plants to match the season. It gives the entire place a very homey and natural feel that also celebrates the season. Indoor plants, especially big and bushy, or tropical indoor plants liven up the space. Vines that climb or hang from banging pots give the inside a very exterior “patio” or “forest” like aesthetic. As for decor, I like simple country style pieces and wall fixtures. Likes mason jar votives or nature wall art. Earth tone paint and vintage stained wooden furniture is a great way to bring the outside in. And it might seem creepy to some people, but taxidermy birds perched on the wall gives the home a quaint and delicate touch of woodland life…kind of.

  39. I like to bring in twigs for vases. Cut flowers in the Spring ans Summer too.

  40. I love your blog Lauren! I have read it for years. I am so happy for your well deserved success you are talented and work hard. I love gardening and use nature with my holiday decorating. Right now my porch is covered with my pumpkins and bittersweet. I would love a copy of your book!

  41. I’m in love with grass cloth. Navy and neutral tones. Those as a backdrop with tons of live greenery make me happy!

  42. Totally awesome giveaway! Looks like an interesting and inspiring read!!

  43. I love using lilacs in the spring and succulents in the fall and winter, and just keeping flowers in my home year round helps keep things fresh and gives a nice pop of color!

  44. I bring nature in by using plants. They really liven up the space.

  45. I bring nature into my home by collecting heart shaped rocks that my family collects from various places visited and or just random ones found casually. We also adore seashells and the beach!! We have loads of shells and coral. I also have a collection of little rock and pebble treasures my kids bring in. You might also find old bird nests, sticks and dried flowers!!

  46. Love it all!

  47. I would love to learn how to incorporate more greenery into my home decor. I have a couple of succulents and I love them as they are real easy to maintain and bring beauty! Please enter me into the sweepstakes for the book giveaway!

  48. I incorporate seasonal bits of nature all year long. Such as shells, beach sand, pinecones and fresh cut flowers. Also, I love to take pictures of nature as a hobby. Then I print and display them in different rooms. Some framed and some not.

  49. We bring in in season fruits and veggies and put them in clear bowls to adorn shelves and tables. You never have to reach far for a snack !

  50. I love paintings of the sea or other waterways, since I live in the desert!

  51. So inspirational, love it

  52. I truly believe that incorporating green into a home environment is important.

  53. I love to cut twigs, small branches from bushes in my yard to bring fresh greens in. Something about the fresh cut!!

  54. Want!

  55. A decorative glass bowl with a little fish and live plant :)

  56. I live real close to the Maumee River so I take my 7,5,&2yrs old grandchildren to the river and we pick up driftwood, we make shelves, wall plaques, centerpieces and furniture for our fairy gardens. We love when the fairy’s come indoors

  57. I always have something seasonal and fresh from the garden on my kitchen table!

  58. I need more live house plants and a lot of those would be succulents!

  59. Love plants, they bring so much life to a room. Literally!

  60. I enjoy having an indoor herb garden.

  61. I didn’t realize that birds nest in pine trees, but have found empty nests under the local trees. The creatures have woven needles, feathers & some kind of fluff – kind of looks like cotton lint. I made a photo study as well as a shadow box with a particularly spectacular specimen.

  62. I had my daughters take pictures along the creek that runs by our home. Their beautiful photos are framed and when I look at them I see my daughters and our favorite little bit of nature.

  63. Huge windows to enjoy the beauty of nature every day and fresh cut flowers inside ;)

  64. Nothing beats having plants inside! Even someone with the least “green thumb” keep plants, like ferns, alive :)

  65. I use neutral colors found in natural surroundings.

  66. Plants in every room! My house looks “naked” without them.

  67. Looks like a wonderful book! I love how bringing in a little greenery transforms a room. Snipping a branch from our bougainvillea plant or even gathering acorns in a bowl is an inexpensive way to bring the outdoors in.

  68. I display wood elements in my home. My favorite is a simple green glass vase with a dozen boughs of curly willow. It shows texture, draws the eye upward, and gives the eye a break from all the linear design of other fixtures in the home.

  69. My favorites are natural wood or bamboo floors in gray, light brown or dark wood, use of natural stone for tiles & fireplace decor. Plus I love live houseplants everywhere!

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