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Flea Market Chic: 12 Clever Uses For Crates

Flea Market Chic-12 Clever Uses for Crates

I was my in my late twenties when I moved to Colorado, with not much money to my name to get started & build a home, I scoured thrift stores, antique malls and flea markets every weekend. I was in desperate search for affordable ways to showcase my style & stay organized. I couldn’t afford anything new but that was OK because I loved buying vintage and the idea of connecting with the past. Plus, the aged patina & worn details created such a warmth that couldn’t be purchased new, especially back then. Each weekend would yield a full trunk of lots of goodies, big & small and of course lots of fun. The supply of big, beautiful crates out in CO blew me away. They were cheap & my thrifty self love that, some just a few dollars, so I used them everywhere. There was a time though my husband actually had to say, “enough, we are good with crates,” that was until I found an old chicken coop and made it in to a TV stand, but that is another story for another post:).

Crates have always served a useful purpose, to store & transport things from milk, to oranges and even animals. You can find them just about anywhere these days and some still for just a few dollars. The aged wood & worn texture lends a warmth to any space and provides practical storage every home needs. Here are 12 clever ways to use creates in your home…

1. Most of us have any entry way or family room with a console table, why not add a crate underneath & fill that empty space. You can use it to host blankets, hats or shoes. Tip, if you add casters to your crate you can slide it back under after using it, without worry of damaging your floors.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, use for entry way storage

2.Flip your crate vertically & add casters for additional height & mobility and viola you have a unique & versatile side table. You can also add another piece of wood for more shelf space.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates Image by Marie Nichols


3. With a busy family myself I am always looking for functional mudroom solutions, especially during the colder months, when the amount of accessories quadruples. Nestle a group of crates under a bench or stack them vertically to house your winter essentials.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, a clever addition to your mudroom to store shoes, hats & scarves Rooms for Rent


BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, Finding Home Farms Clever Boot Storage


4. Love the idea of rustic chic, then why not use a small crate as a vase to hold your centerpiece. I may have cheated with this one a bit because it is actually made from paint sticks but I had to share, it is so visibly pleasing and original.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, a clever centerpiece idea, The Wedding Chicks


5. Hang a grouping of crates of varying sizes and tones right on the wall for added interest and functionality. There are no rules for what to display and store inside, have fun & try not to over clutter, that way it looks more curated.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, create a functional wall display Coco Kelley


BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, mount them to the wall

6. How about stacking them side by side for a coffee table? By layering 4, it visually takes up more space and feels balanced in front of the sofa. Tip, face the openings in for a tidy, more fluid look.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, makes a unique & clever coffee table

7. We all need kitchen counter storage, when things are placed cohesively on a tray or shallow container it just looks better and feels more organized. You can use a counter crate to host kitchen essentials or maybe use it as a coffee station {which is what I use mine for}. Tip, use items with varying heights & similar function to give balance.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, Making Home Base Kitchen Storage


8. Use a variety of crates, in odd numbers to create a plant stand, genius right?! Grouping your plants together gives a cohesive feel and is a great strategy for staying on top of watering and time management.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, The Happy Interior Blog, use them as a plant stand, genius!!


9. Stack them on the floor for extra office storage. You can use them facing out or even up to store files. Either way it is an affordable way to stay organized in your work space.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, use as additional office storage, Advice From A Twenty Something


10. Open shelving is a hot trend right now, so why not add a few shallow crates to house books, magazines or records. It will give your smaller items structure and give a balanced look with scale & size.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, use in a book case to store books, Craftberry Bush


11. Attach a bunch of crates of similar size and tone for a custom wall unit that is both original & purposeful. Tip, mount them in different directions for a sleeker, more modern look.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, use to create a build in custom wall unit by Front & Main a CT coffee shop on West Elm Blog


12. If you like wine then why not stack similar size crates in a cool, dry place to host your collection. Tip, check them to be sure they are sturdy and mount them to the wall for added security.

BHG Flea Market Chic-Crates, wine storage

I am completely inspired by crates again, which means my husband could be in trouble:). Thank you for stopping by! Happy hunting,

Jen-City Farmhouse

5 Responses to “ Flea Market Chic: 12 Clever Uses For Crates ”

  1. The bookcase idea is my favorite. Very creative and much more exciting than a hum-drum traditional bookcase. Who would have thought that ordinary crates could be so attractive and functional.

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