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Building A Dream House: Filling Blank Walls

When we moved into the Dream House, we decided to put the desktop computer in the corner of the family room. We wanted to be able to monitor what our kids were doing on the computer and how much time they were spending online. It’s been a great decision; we really love having the computer where everyone can use it easily and under supervision. Now we just need to work on making the computer corner as cute as it can be. We’ve got some cute, vintage industrial stools on order, and we’ve been looking at computer tables that will fit in the spot. But the thing that stumps me is the blank wall behind the desk. It’s big without being too big–the perfect size for…something. I’m just not sure what. Here are some of the things we’ve considered putting on the blank wall.

An oversized clock

5 foot oversized clock restoration hardware

My mom is a clock collector, so having lots of clocks around (none of them keeping the right time, mind you) is totally normal in my book. I aboslutely love the idea of filling a blank wall with a giant, oversized clock. This one from Restoration Hardware has a high price tag, but at 60″ wide, it’s pretty stunning. A true statement piece.

oversized vintage industrial clock

I love this huge, vintage industrial clock, including the streaky rust marks on the face. If I could find a clock like this at an affordable price, I snap it up in a heartbeat for our computer wall.

black oversized clock from magnolia market

For a big clock that’s not quite as huge, try this 29″ black beauty from Magnolia Market, an online shop that I’m kind of obsessed with lately.

A single piece of large-scale art

emily jeffords large-scale print from minted

Another option for filling a blank wall is a single piece of large-scale art. Emily Jeffords is one of my favorite artists. I was lucky enough to buy one of her original oil landscapes a few years ago. Now, you can buy prints of her work (and thousands of other amazing artists) from Minted. They print as large as 44×60″!

large-scale botanical prints

I majored in biology and have always had a thing for naturalist decor; for a long time, I wanted to be a scientific illustrator. So I really love these large botanical prints. One is good; two is even better!

large-scale abtract art print

A large-scale art print is a great way to add a pop of color to your room as well. I love color colors in this one, spotted on Jelanie Blog.

A gallery wall

black naturalist gallery wall

If you’re not ready to commit to one huge piece of art on your wall, you can always try the ever-popular gallery wall. The naturalist in me adores this moody gallery wall filled with antlers, botanical prints, and a tiny starburst mirror.

gallery wall with floating shelves

Floating shelves are another option for gallery walls. They add some gravitas to the wall and at the same time allow you to change the artwork out on a whim. (photo from Pottery Barn)

colorful gallery wall made from calendar pages

I love a good gallery wall grid. Instead of having a million objects of different shapes and sizes fit together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, find 4 or 6 or 9 items that are all the same shape, size, and style, and use matching frames. It gives a very nice, cohesive look while still adding color and interest to the wall. This gallery wall grid from The Creativity Exchange features frames calendar pages!

A Stendig calendar

white stendig calendar

Ah, the Stendig Calendar! So bold and graphic and clean. A Stendig Calendar is a great way to add a splash of modern design to your wall. And it’s useful too! (photo from Nordic Leaves)

white stendig calendar in a black kitchen

I love how the white calendar page looks against the black kitchen wall. What a darling kitchen!

stendig calendar in a home office

Since the blank wall in question is just above our computer desk, a Stendig Calendar would give the corner a home office feel, like this one from Inspired by Charm.

So…what do you think we should put over our computer desk? An oversized clock? A single piece of large-scale art? A gallery wall? Or a graphic and functional Stendig Calendar? If you have other suggestions, be sure to leave a comment below!

4 Responses to “ Building A Dream House: Filling Blank Walls ”

  1. I personally love the gallery wall idea (but then again, I make small paintings that would look great in a group together!). Gallery walls let you create a varied look that’s really custom, but you can shift things around pretty easily too.

  2. I really like the big, antique looking clocks. It would also be a good reminder of how much time was spent on the computer.

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