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Our Top 5 Fall Decorating Ideas

Leaves changing, cozy sweaters, bringing out bootsIt’s no surprise fall is a fan-favorite season, especially on our Facebook and Pinterest accounts!

We’re excited to celebrate the season with some of our favorite bloggers with the 2015 Finding Fall Home Tours! Our posts are acting as a virtual home tour. We’re the first stop and you can follow along each day from one blogger home to the next from Monday through Friday. All of the bloggers are sharing their homes decorated for fall to provide ideas and inspiration for real home owners. To kick off this year’s Finding Fall Home Tours filled with inspiring home ideas from some of our favorite bloggers we thought we’d get started by sharing our most-shared autumn content over the years! Drumroll, please….


Number 5: This welcoming autumn entry is filled with fall favorites: apples, corn stalks, hay bales, mums, and pumpkins!


Number 4: Rethink your house number for fall with chic white pumpkins!


Number 3: Basic bonfires, begone! We’d love to cozy up around this party-perfect pumpkin display.


Number 2: Eye-catching door decor is a fall staple. Switch out your usual wreath for a rake wreath filled with juniper and bittersweet!



Number 1: Our most-pinned autumn decorating idea keeps it classic with simple accents like mums and white pumpkins. We love the simple, symetrical look!



Next up on the tour is Finding Home Farms! You can see her home here. 

9 Responses to “ Our Top 5 Fall Decorating Ideas ”

  1. BHG in the house!! So happy to have you be a part of this fabulous Finding Home Fall Tour!!! Lovely inspiration.

    See you in NYC in a few days. :)

    xo Michael

  2. Wow — that rake as a door display is absolute perfection. I absolutely love all the bloggers I’ve seen on Instagram this morning and their tours. So inspiring! Thanks for this lovely round-up, and Happy Fall!

  3. I would very much like to submit some of my work to BHG. I have a unique style. I just need a lucky brake. Thank you for your time.

    Connie Callahan

  4. I’m not sure if your company knows this, but in many of your fall and winter decor items you are using a highly invasive vine species called Oriental Bittersweet. Although quite beautiful, this plant can devastate natural habitats and destroy forest ecosystems.
    Many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars have gone into trying to eradicate Oriental Bittersweet from woodlands surrounding Winona, MN. I was certainly set aback when I noticed a large circular in the paper which had photos of Oriental Bittersweet used for decorations. By promoting the use of Oriental Bittersweet in decorations, you are encouraging the public to continue to spread this noxious species. I urge you to please use the AMERICAN Bittersweet in your fall decorations and make sure to label the bittersweet as American and not Oriental.
    It may also be a good idea for you to check your own State’s noxious weed laws. If your state identifies Oriental Bittersweet as a State Prohibited Noxious Weed and lists it on the Eradicate or Controlled List, then you would certainly be in violation of your State’s noxious weed laws by handling the Oriental Bittersweet berries.

    Thank you for your consideration of discontinuing use of the Oriental Bittersweet.

    Amanda Gentry

  5. I Love this Style not just for autum
    For All The Year

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    i like your website.

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  9. i like #5 but #1 not bad fo me.

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