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5 Tips for Carrying a Palette Throughout the Home

Hi BHG readers!  My name is Lauren Liess and I’m the decorator for the 2015 BHG Innovation Home. My firm began the decorating plans this past Winter, and I’m so excited to walk you through our thought process as we get closer to the big reveal in October. Today, I’m sharing tips for how keep a color palette cohesive throughout an entire home.

1. Stick to a general palette and vary the accent colors to keep it interesting.

When I’m working on a palette for a house, I like to carry a general color scheme throughout and vary the accent colors in different proportions. For the Innovation Home, I started with a heavy dose of blue and added in green and yellow accents at different ratios throughout the house. Some rooms are more heavily accented in yellow, whereas other colors are more accented in green.

2. The walls don’t need to do all the color “work.”

It’s still possible to have a colorful space with neutral walls by bringing in color with the furnishings, curtains and other accents. For example in the Innovation Home living room, I used a blue sofa and blue patterned curtains which make the palette come across as very “blue” without actually painting the walls blue, but in other rooms, I used blue walls and different-colored furnishings to stay true to my palette.

3. Think of texture like a color in your palette.

For the natural, relaxed look I love, texture is key and is as important to a palette as any color would be.  Just as I made sure to include particular colors in the Innovation Home palette, I was also careful to include lots of natural woven textures–like seagrass, grasscloth, and water hyacinth–throughout.

4. Opt for earthy.

In a fresh color palette, I like to include enough “earthy” materials and colors so that the color palette doesn’t start to feel too cute or juvenile. Pieces of wood furniture, worn metals and natural all work to add depth and sophistication to a colorful palette.

5. Choose paint color last.

Select paint colors for a house last, after already choosing the furnishings and the fabrics. It’s much easier to find paint colors that work with fabrics than it is the other way around.

8 Responses to “ 5 Tips for Carrying a Palette Throughout the Home ”

  1. What brand and color paint is on these blue walls?

  2. G’Day. We have completely renovated our beach house and currently have a light stone colour on our walls. I have beautiful painted dining chairs that are Dulux duck egg blue. I want a very soft blue on most of the walls. As these colors are similar in hue but different in color would this work? A lighter version of the Dulux duck egg looks to much like mint a look I don’t want. The Dulux Heaven Scent half is my choice on walls. But don’t want a disaster. Can you advise me please
    Kind regards
    Burleigh Heads

  3. Same question as Cindy, what is the brand and paint color on the walls in the article How to Carry a Color Palette Throughout Your Home?

  4. What is the name of the color on the walls with the double doors and the staircase that’s in the background?

  5. Like everyone else, I would like to know the name and brand of the blue on the walls of the room with the French doors, as well as the walls with the staircase. also include the name and brand of the white trim paint.

  6. Hi Ladies,
    It appears the question of the paint color was not answered for you.
    Maybe I can help.
    Check out the blue colors by Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. You should be able to find one that matches the one shown here.
    Hope this helps.
    Interior Designer

  7. When you choose colors for each room based on the furnishings in each room, it’s important to take all those paint chips and lay them out together. This makes it very easy to see if any colors you’ve selected aren’t cohesive with the rest of the colors. If a color looks wrong with the rest of the colors chosen, now’s the time to go back and see if another color will work with the furnishings and with the other colors. This saves you from ending up with a room that doesn’t jive with the rest of the house.

  8. I would like to know the brand and style of the blue living room chairs

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