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Flea Market Chic: Layering Rugs

Flea Market Chic-Layering Rugs BHG Style Spotters

If you are like me, then your style is constantly evolving. My idea of a fun usually involves moving furniture and accessories around my home for a few hours, yup, I am a house geek. I know what you are thinking, that has to take more than a few hours but not always. I am constantly finding simple & fun ways to refresh my spaces that satisfies my design cravings & prevents a FULL on makeover. My favorite way to give my space a whole new look is by changing up the color palette. One easy way to do this is by layering rugs. If you browse your favorite magazine {BHG} or Pinterest lately, you are bound to find this trend front and center. I will be honest, with any trend it takes me a bit of time to figure out if it’s right for me & this one I like for few reasons. By simply adding another layer of pattern, texture and/or color you can connect it to other accessories and pillows you are bringing into the room. You can find smaller throw rugs easily, for a fraction of the cost, try hitting some local flea markets for a vintage feel or buy one new at a home store to tie it in with your eclectic style. And the last reason I am digging on this trend, there is little risk and commitment, if you decide you don’t like it so much in a few months, you can still use that throw rug in another area of your home. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired by this trend….

Use a colorful palette & pattern over an existing sisal to give you a new color direction and a bold new look for summer. The art and pillows bring out the soft indigo tones in the rug and make the space feel connected.

Amber Interiors-layered rugs & the sheepskin chairs


With this trend you can go big or small, size doesn’t determine style. Having a base rug to anchor the space allows you to play with different sizes.

BHG-Layering Kilim & Sisal


BHG Layering Rugs


Better Homes and Gardens translates this inspiration into a palette for 2014 that's pretty, comfortable, and truly livable


How about layering a hide over a sisal or wool to give an organic, rustic feel? While I may not be there myself, I love this look in other people’s homes. By layering these natural textures it make the space feel grounded, warm & cozy.

BHG Room Makeover-Layering Rugs


The Nester-Layering a hide over a sisal


Adding a vintage rug, such as an oriental or kilim can bring in that worn detail every space needs. It can connect the color palette and bring flow to the room.

BHG-Layer your rugs for a stylish update


BHG-Layering a Vintage Rug Over A Sisal


There is a good amount of creative freedom with this trend, take a look at these stripes on stripes, what a bold yet soft statement. Paired with the whimsical beach print, it is another perfect look for summer.

Design Love Fest-Layering Rugs In Dining Room


I am typically considered a symmetrical person but lately I am loving things off-centered, you only love once right?! Take a look at my favorite designer gal’s {Emily Henderson} living room and how the rug off-centered, under the 2 chairs looks & feels organically placed.

Emily Henderson Brings Retro Cool to Manhattan


I know what I will be doing the next time I have a few spare hours :).

Have a fantastic week,

Jen-City Farmhouse

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