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Organize This: Linen Closet!

Linen closets are not just for linens! They store cleaning supplies, paper products, medications, toiletries, home maintenance items… the list goes on and on and varies from home to home. So how does one make the most of a single closet that must function so big and work so hard?

Organized Linen Closet

When I find a nicely organized closet, I love to dissect it and really take note of what makes it so good. The closet space above is truly maximized and stores a large variety of items, and how it was achieved can really work for just about any closet type. Let’s take a closer look:

Organized Linen Closet Detail

1. My biggest closet organizing tip is to create zones, keeping “like” items together by function. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this when there are a variety of items in different shapes and sizes, is to install adjustable shelving. This offers flexibility by allowing you to accommodate product size while also giving you the ability to add and remove additional shelves as needed down the road.

2. Create a first aid kit. Medications and first aid products should be stored in a temperature controlled environment (meaning bathrooms are not ideal), and linens closets are a prime spot for your “get well soon” kit. Utilize a latching storage container for medications, ointments and bandages, and store it up on a higher shelf out of children’s reach.

3. On a roll! Rolling blankets and towels is a quick and easy way to store bulkier items and makes the most of a given space.

4. Add a towel bar to the back of the door to double your storage where there once was none. The bar works great for holding towels, comforters, table lines and sheets.

5. Canvas bins are a sanity saver when it comes to organizing bedding and sheets. For some reason, those fitted sheets are about the most impossible thing to fold, so hide all imperfections by tossing each sheet set in a separate labeled bin. These bins are also great for ensuring stacks don’t topple over and become more of a jumbled mess.

6. Organize your linens by room type/space and label accordingly. Each room should have 1-2 sets of bedding and each bathroom should have 1-2 towel sets per person and guest. Zone your closet by room and create labels to prevent the items from being mixed after each washing.

7. Plan ahead! Packing for travels can be stressful enough, so get ahead of the game by storing a pre-packed toiletry bag for each family member in the linen closet.

Portable Storage Trays

8. There are some pampering tasks that happen on occasion, and may also be done in different locations around the home. Utilize stacking trays to act as portable caddies for nail, facial and guest bedroom supplies.

9. With all the adjustable shelving, you will want to easily access the items up high. Add a hook with a small stool to the back of the door, which will provide instant stepping power when you reach for that headache medication on the upper shelves.

10. As I mentioned in my last post, setting up small zones around your home will help you out in a jam. That includes corralling and organizing daily maintenance items such as flashlights, batteries, candles and small tools. The linen closet is an ideal location to store these items, just find an appropriately sized drawer or tote and you will be ahead of the game the next time the power goes out.

11. Oversized down bedding, sleeping bags and air mattresses can be some of the hardest items to store. Protect them by storing them inside of garment sacks or laundry bags, and place them at the very bottom of the closet due to their size and weight.

Organized Cleaning Caddy

12. Utilize a shower caddy or handled tote to keep your home’s universal cleaning items ready to go when you are. It is much easier to tote cleaning supplies from room to room than it is to run back to the kitchen sink each time you need to dust or wash glass.

Linen Closet Storage Product Picks

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