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Big News: We’re Building an Innovation Home!

Bet you can’t recall what you were doing on January 10, 2014. But I do. Editor-in Chief Gayle Butler and I were peering out the back windows of an SUV looking at snow-covered lots in Mequon, Wisconsin, with builders from Lakeside Development Company.  She and I excitedly chatted about the possibilities: Does this neighborhood look like us? How would a Better Homes and Gardens house look on this lot?



Yep, for the past 15 months we’ve kept a little secret. The Better Homes and Gardens 2015 Innovation Home has been underway! Home building and design is in an unprecedented time of innovation and connected technology, meaning there is more for consumers to suss out. We wanted to build a new-era idea house, one that focuses on products and features that will make a real difference in your life. Whether you’re building a home, or improving the one you already love, you’ll learn about home automation and controls, innovative appliances, smart TVs, efficiencies galore, and low-maintenance materials inside and out.

As you’d expect, our home is beautifully designed and the decorating will help visualize how innovations blend seamlessly into your look and lifestyle. Sorry to tease, but we’ll reveal the interior designer’s name a little later. Tiny hint: You already know and love her work from our pages and Pins.

Snowy lot searches? Done. Sponsors secured? Check! An autumn full of framing? Delightful. A winter so cold the GoPro froze? Well, it is Wisconsin, after all. But now the house is a flurry of spring activity. Cabinetry is in the works and painting isn’t far behind. Look for updates here on the Style Spotters blog and follow our progress on Facebook . It all leads up to our big story in the Better Homes and Gardens October 2015 issue and the online reveal in September. But for now, here’s a sneak peek video … well, at least the part up until the camera actually did freeze:


22 Responses to “ Big News: We’re Building an Innovation Home! ”

  1. i want to know this hous

  2. Awesome!! Mequon isnt far from me and I cant wait to watch it go through the building stages!! Thanks BHG for showing our State off to the rest of the World!

  3. Will you be giving this away in a contest? Will it be open to the public?

  4. I know I’m a snob born and raised in Southern California, but why O why O would you build something like this in Wisconsin? Not only is it bloody cold beyond cold, it isn’t even that picturesque. I think of several other 9-10 months of freezing cold and 6-8 weeks of spring/summer that are actually very pretty. So who Wisconsin? Builder pay big money to you?

  5. How cool – I’ll be visiting Mequon soon! I also would like to know if (and when) it will be open to the public. We would probably time our trip around it!

  6. Beautiful home, I believe with the innovations in this well constructed home, it can be anywhere and be a showcase property. What a amazing redo. Would love for it to be mine. Going room to room I feel I am already moved in and at home.

  7. Why not Wisconsin. I wish they’d come to PA. Not every construction or give away house has to be built in the warm climates. People live in cold climates too.

  8. Gross! overhead utilities.

  9. I will be visiting Milwaukee and the LaCrosse area this summer. Any clues to view it up close?

  10. Unfortunately, I see absolutely NO innovation in the design and construction of this home with regard to overall comfort (air leakage, zoned temperature/humidity management, daylighting, etc.), energy loss (insulation value, thermal bridging, minimal glazing on N/E/W sides, insulated window treatments, etc.) or interior air quality (monitors, filtration, heat-recovery ventilation (HRV) systems, etc.) over what is minimally required by local building codes for EVERY new home.

  11. Why can’t I see any videos from BH&G. They all say
    we are unable to connect to the network…..
    I love the videos – what can I do to fix this?

  12. Why don’t you build a home in the HOT climates of the US. Show what innovation has to offer for living in these climates? Every home built has been in the Eastern part of the Country; or where the summers are not really HOT.
    Show what has been done to help keep the house cool and make our utility bills more manageable.
    Desert areas need to be recognized by the latest in innovation also.

  13. May I have this house :)?
    I hope you guys will give this wonderful home away
    And I hope I will win it. :)
    Looks great, we need more of these homes.

  14. What days and hours will be home be open for tourists?
    Planning to visit on July 7, 2015, if it is open.

  15. 2015 Innovation Home
    11405 N. Creekside Ct.
    Mequon, WI
    Concord Creek Subdivision
    Open House: 10am – 4pm
    July 11-12th, 18-19th, 25-26th
    Admission: $10

  16. Wisconsin…Why? Its so cold out there.. How about beatiful San Diego…?

  17. Great a Wisconsin location by the lake, and Milwaukeee great location.

  18. I need a beautiful home to calm my soul after years of working 3 jobs. Over time, taking care of dying Mother, being a divorced mother of two girls, and giving everybody everything , I have nothing left. Now I am at retirement and spend all my time and money on my girls education and weddings. Nothing left for me. Live for my girls. Would do it all again. But now I have nothing left to give and do not want to be a bother.
    Carolyn Paulette McNeely Yates
    141 Deer Creek Circle
    where I am now staying with my daughter)
    McRae AR 72103

  19. This house is going to be very interesting, but have you ever built one for retirees? Say 2,800 sf, 3 BR, 2.5 baths, 3 car garage, one story, built for Texas or similar weather, NO fireplace, brick & stone façade, etc. Would love to build one like that. Bet other retirees would too…….

  20. I would not buy anything through Lakeside development,I have had a negative experience.

  21. What are the exterior house paint colors for the 2015 bhg house located at 405 N. Creekside Ct.
    Mequon, WI?

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