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Love The Home You Have + Book Giveaway

Hello! I’m Melissa from the blog, The Inspired Room. Today I’m here to talk about showing our homes a little love!

I have always been a house lover! Yep, I’m that crazy lady people honk at in the neighborhood because I’m driving reaaallllly slowly past a charming house. I’m sorry in advance if you end up behind me. I’m the woman who goes to open houses even when I’m not shopping for a new house, just because I want to snoop around to see what my neighbor’s house looks like inside! I’m sure realtors and home sellers love to see me coming. Right? I can’t help it. My love of houses is like an addiction. And I can’t help dreaming about the perfect house for me.

Can you relate?

Even if you aren’t quite as house obsessed as I am, I think most of us dream sometimes about an ideal home. The truth is, while we all probably have a beautiful dream house in our minds that we would be really happy to live in, there’s really no place like our own home.

I am excited to share with you my very first book, Love the Home You Have! TODAY is it’s official release date! It’s jam packed with practical tips, encouragement and motivation to love your home, no matter where you live.

It’s amazing what a little love can do to transform the house you have into the home you’ve always dreamed of. Best of all, it’s the little things that make a house a home.

Ready to show your home a little love? A great place to start is at your own front door!

Paint your door a pretty color that inspires you every time you see it. I painted my Benjamin Moore Wythe Blue on the outside couple of years ago and on the inside, it’s Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal. I’m happy every time I see my door, inside or out!

If you still have a crunchy Christmas wreath on the door (it’s OK if you do, I just threw out some little moldy pumpkins that were hiding behind a plant on my porch!), today would be a great day to toss remove it and treat yourself to a cheery spring bouquet. You deserve it!

I stopped in a local market this week and bought myself some flowers to fill a basket on my front door. It’s such a simple thing to do, but it changes how you feel both about your home and your life.

You can’t help but smile when you show a little love to the home you have!

To celebrate the launch of Love The Home You Have, we are offering you a chance to win one of five books! To enter for a chance to win, comment below on why you would like to win! For a second entry, follow @BHG on Twitter and tweet using #BHGInspiredRoomSweepstakes

Find more ways to love your home, download the cute illustrated quotes from the book and details on how to order Love the Home You Have right here.


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C., 21 years and older. Begins: 12:01 a.m. ET on 03/31/15 and ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on 04/01/15. Subject to Official Rules available at and/or Void where prohibited. Sponsor: Meredith Corporation. This sweepstakes is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Twitter. By entering this sweepstakes, you understand that you are providing your information to sponsor and not Twitter.



90 Responses to “ Love The Home You Have + Book Giveaway ”

  1. I would love to win this book to help me focus on appreciating the beautiful home I have instead of always thinking about ways to change/improve it.

  2. This book sounds really smart, practical and fun. We’re definitely celebrating the home we have as we work on renovating our 1920s American Foursquare. It’s got great historical details like plaster walls, hardwood floors and original glass doorknobs, so we’re finding ways to integrate our modern lifestyle into this old house charm. I like this book’s concept of loving the home you have and it will love you back – so true! We’d love to win a copy so that we can incorporate some new ideas into our renovations.

  3. I’m always looking for ways to improve my home! I would love to win!

  4. I would love to win this book to help me love the home I have and not always want to change things. Just enjoy it.

  5. We’ve raised four boys in our home & with grand babies, not ready to downsize. As we begin this next chapter of our journey, we would love to continue to love our home!!

  6. I would love to win this book to add some personal touches to my home decor. Our home is still relatively new, and the major purchases have been made, but I would love to make it more homey!

  7. I would love to win a copy of this book because my kids are growing up and it’s time for me to renew my home in this next chapter of its and my life! Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. I would love to win your book as my home is looking way too neglected. Life has been hectic and crazy for way too long and now my poor home is suffering the consequences. It has sheltered me thru storms and now it deserves to shine!

  9. As an Architect I love the idea of your book and would like to share it with my followers. Best Wishes! Ciao

  10. I would like to win because I am so inspired by what Better Home and Gardens brings to it’s readers. I’d love to feel the love and to spread it by having a welcoming home for my family and friends.

  11. I would LOVE to win this! I’m slowly updating our home and this would be a great help :)

  12. I’m always looking for new & exciting ways to spruce up the home I already have and appreciate so much! Even the simplest little changes help bring new life into a home, and when they can be achieved while maintaining a reasonable budget is a true Win-Win for me! I’m confident this book is chuck full of inspiring ideas that everyday working women (& men too!) can incorporate into their home without feeling overwhelmed… I’d love to get my hands on a winning copy to be inspired and see just what I’m able to recreate!

  13. In a world where we are taught to throw away things when we no longer want them I feel it’s import to step back and take time to see what you have through a different light. I feel this book can help readers step back and appreciate and love what they have.

  14. I’m looking for inspiration and just moved into our new home 4 weeks ago! This would be a perfect place to start!

  15. I share the author’s love of homes and always have. My husband and I enjoy walking through new construction homes just to see what’s there and driving through old neighborhoods to check out the differences of the houses and enjoy the feelings those old neighborhoods can evoke. I agree with the idea of ‘your affection will grow for what you invest yourself in’ and would love to hear more of the author’s perspective on this. Plus, I love her style! (I enjoy her blog.) Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. Loving what you have is how I choose to live. I am a renter. My landlord allows me to do what I want to make a home for my daughter and me. I definitely have my moments of “I wish I could…” or “I wish I had…” Loving what you have doesn’t mean you can’t dream!!! I would love to win your book for inspiration. It’s nice to know I am not alone in my quest to be happy in my home!

  17. The book reviews are awesome and I would love to win the book!

  18. My apartment needs a real upgrade and update and I need inspiration

  19. I would love to win because I’m a new homeowner and started decorating and fixing up my house and need all the help I can get! Home is where your heart is! :)

  20. I would LOVE to win this book because we are feeling a lack of love for our home at this time and the title speaks to ME! We own an old home that needs constant attention and have small children, feeling house-overwhelmed is so easy. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. This book is for me. I’ve been waiting for a book to help me make my home all about me. I am so grateful for my space and I just want it to reflect ME. Just what I’ve read and seen so far this is the inspiration that I need.

  22. We are in our first home and our to-do list is way longer than our budget. This book will help us do the most with what we have

  23. We are slowly making over each room in our house, this would be really helpful in giving me some great ideas!

  24. I would love to win this book, I follow her blog and love reading it daily. I want to love the home that I have and be grateful for it.

  25. I am desperately in need of some inspiration to make my home less frumpy and more “Me”!

  26. I catch myself saying, “when I have my dream home…” a little too frequent. I often need to remember why we loved this house when we bought it. The house isn’t perfect, but it is home. This book seems to depict this sentiment. I would enjoy it as a daily reminder!

  27. Being raised by an interior designer, I have always lived in a beautiful, put together home. Now, as I am about to graduate from college and move to a new city, it’s time for me to have my own home! As a new graduate, I will be on a tight budget, so it would be so useful to read about ways to make due with what I have and find simple ways to organize and decorated. Though I did not fully receive my mother’s artistic gift, I love simple styles and decorating myself (usually with her approval!). I also share her love for homes, so this book would be a great way to start my new life!

  28. This book is something I need to relate too. I’m always trying to change and update things in my home, instead of just being happy. I think this book would help me give the inspiration to love and be grateful for what I have. I really hope I win. Thank you!

  29. We have been in our home for about 18 months and I’m still trying to make it “ours”. I would love some additional inspiration!

  30. I would love to win because simply I need to understand how to add touch to my boring home

  31. I am trying to overcome a jealousy for others’ decor and be grateful for what I have. I think I’d love it more if I knew what to do with It!

  32. Would love this! My kid filled home could use a pick me up!!

  33. I want the book because I need help enjoying what I have in my home, I. Am always trying to copy what others do, but it doesn’t work because it’s not MY house. I think this book would help me to like what I H AVE and work with it.

  34. I have been I my house for 10 years this summer and I have never painted one room! While I do love my home as a single gal sometimes home ownership can be daunting. Sometimes just keeping up wit it can be all I can do. I would love some ideas on how to love my home more! ❤️❤️

  35. We’re currently raising 3 kiddos in under 1400 sq ft. We’re in the middle of rearranging things here, and could use the reminder to love and appreciate the home we have, when it can be so easy to have house envy.

  36. I think loving the home you have is soooo important! I would love to read Melissa’s advice on how to do this. I’m a young, first-time homeowner who is often dreaming up all sorts of elaborate home improvement plans. I am always trying really hard to keep things in perspective and love my lovely little home.

  37. Because I’m “that woman” too, and my husband is soooo not!

  38. I’d love to win this book to help me walk along in my journey of seeking grace and contentment. So often, I find myself wanting to move a couch, buy a pillow, change out my wall art, and I think deep down, it never allows me to feel settled. In a house surrounded by three wonderful boys (one that I married and two that we made), I pray I can use this book as a wonderful tool to help me be at peace with our spaces and let me focus on the more important things in life like making memories inside these walls instead of focusing on what’s hanging on them :)

  39. I live in a tiny apt in NYC. We recently had the chance to move but decided we should stay in our place bc it is more affordable. While we like our tiny oasis, id love to win so we can be inspired to fall “in love” with our space again.

  40. i would so love to have your book. I ordered one for my Kindle but this is a book I would really love to hold in my hand and to reference to as often as needed. We’re retired and recently moved to a condo. I really need to make this new house our home that we’ll love forever.

  41. We are in a subdivision for the first time in 43 years of married life. We have always lived in the back of beyond so to speak. It will take a real change of heart to love where we are and I think this may help get me there.

  42. I’d love a copy of this book because I enjoy reading Melissa’s blog and I love home. I know her book would inspire me to make my home the best it could possibly be for my family.

  43. This sounds like a great book!! I’m always looking to find some encouragement to help me be content with what I have!

  44. Love Melissa’s is what my home wants to be when it grows up. She has sound logical and practical advice for us. I can’t wait to add it to my decor book collection though I wager I’ll be using it a lot! If the book is anything like her blog then it will be fantastic and a must have to get me a home I’ll love

  45. We are in a house that isn’t our forever home but I want to love it in the meantime. I need help! :)

  46. As a designer myself, I find my home lacking the style, design and time I give to my clients spaces! I see amazing come to life daily! I want to live where I live and see my spaces come to life!

  47. i think i could find a lot of great ideas to do on a budget

  48. I’ve lived in my house for 10 years and it’s ready for a refresh. I live to win this book to help me rearrange the old and bring in some new love.

  49. I could use help loving the home I have, especially with new idea’s and encouragement. This book would help me make the best of it ‘like a Boss’! #BHGInspiredRoomSweepstakes

  50. Over the past few months I have been racking my brain to spruce up my apartment. I am slowly coming to terms that you make your home what YOU want it to be, and that it’s never “magazine” perfect or staged 100% of the time. It’s meant to be lived in, and reflect you and your family. This book would help reassure me that you really should love the home you have worked so hard to make regardless of “rules”, etc.

  51. I would love any help I can get to make my house as beautiful as it can be!

  52. We’re getting ready to PCS across the country, and I’m working really hard to downsize and only keep items I love. I’m looking forward to a fresh start and think this book could help!

  53. I have been procrastinating for years and really want to make my house a home I love !

  54. I am obsesses with making my home the best it can be on a budget, and I love new ideas. The book sounds perfect for this. This is my forever hon=me, so I’d love to have as wonderful as possible.

  55. We bought our first home less than a year ago and most of the time when I look at it, all I see are projects that need to be done instead of appreciating the work we’ve already done. In fact, I’m always saying “it’s our first house, not our dream house.” I think this book would really help me have a more positive outlook, because it really is a good house overall and I’m proud to be a homeowner.

  56. We just sold my dream house and I am currently looking for our next home. This book has just the words I need to hear.

  57. I’ve been reading Melissa’s blog for a long time and love her style. She really has already inspired me many times through The Inspired Room to love my scantly decorated home by making use of what I already have, but so very tastefully. I love white! And she used a lot of it, along with tons of simple, chic, comfortable elements. I can’t wait to don my side table with this book… And read it!

  58. I don’t need to win this book [i have two copies on their way to me!], but I wanted to show my support! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to get my book and make this military housing look like a home!

  59. Looking to retire soon and move south. Want to start this phase of my life with a fresh start and a whole new look. The pictures in your book are exactly like I am looking for!

  60. I’d love to win because I’d like to have help decorating my house

  61. I love my house and want to fall in love with it again so j need your book to start my love story in 2015

  62. The little glimpses we’ve seen already of this book are really wonderful. Would love to win a copy!!

  63. I’ve been DYING to read this! Would love to fall in love with our new home!!!

  64. I would love to win because I am a newlywed who just moved into the house my husband picked and purchased a few months before we met. I am now trying to make it ours and I need help!

  65. This book would be a great encouragement to me as we moved last summer into a home that needs a lot of love. It is easy to get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done.

  66. I’ve lived in my home for over 11 years, and I sure could use a refreshing new perspective.

  67. I would love, to love my home. My husband built this home with his previous wife, and as much as I’ve tried to make it my own, I just need some help getting over the little things. Our blended family is wonderful and that’s what really matters..but enjoying your home, loving it even..well that’s quite the icing on the cake!

  68. I’d love to win because I love my home, but it’s not “home” yet. New to us this past November and has so much more to have decorated. Ahhh… I love decorating and this book would give me great ideas!!

  69. My home is a work in progress =) We’re doing some remodeling and I really could use some fresh ideas!

  70. I would love to win this book! We are remodeling our home and I need some inspiration!

  71. 3 years ago we lost our beloved antique house to a short sale. My husband was transferred out of state, we had no choice. We poured our hearts (and money) into restoring the 1810 cape in RI, we entertained constantly, everyone loved our home. We are currently leasing a historic house in KY but I can’t find the inspiration to make it home. I need to get back to that feeling, to make our family know that where we are is “home”.

  72. We’ve been working on our house for over 7 years and sometimes I need to step back and remember what I love about it in the midst of the chaos.

  73. I love our midcentury modern house and can use some new ideas.

  74. Congratulations Melissa on your book! I’d love to WIN your book for many reasons. We’re currently leasing & living with dull WHITE walls. Would love your take on bringing in pops of color through out each room in our condo. I will display your book as well on my sofa table for all to see :-)
    Could you kindly dedicated it as well? I will share it with all my friends and tell them about it too. Wishing you much success Melissa. Cannot wait for the “Sequel” !!!
    Happy Easter from Our Family to Yours…
    Patty Salgado & Family in Downey, CA <3

  75. I’d love to win because we’re a military family, moving every couple of years, and sometimes I get tired of trying to make each house “ours.” This book sounds like a great anecdote to my malaise!

  76. Love this inspiration! But I seriously need help! In a rental for two years, now w baby, lots of time at home but It’s still not homey! Help!

  77. I really dislike my house and I really need some inspiration to turn it into a home.

  78. Ii am 52 years old and my dream is to buy my first home for my daughter and I. I have always rented, so I have never been able to paint the walls. Nonetheless, I decorate in other ways and reading your blogs, help tremendously. So, I would love to win this book to help give me ideas for my future home and until then, Love the Home I Have!

  79. I would love to win because I feel this book would help share insighnt to loving the special details my older home already has and give ideas to enhancing it’s natural beauty.

  80. I love our home, but it is missing the little extra to make it unique and special and I can’t figure what is missing. Your book might have the solution :)

  81. We moved into a very dated ranch that was built in 1970. They hadn’t changed anything but the carpet in two rooms. Dark wood, ugly curtains, strangely placed towel bars, hideous carpet and wallpaper. Luckily I saw past all of this. I am loving the home I have while making it “our home”.

  82. I want to read this book! The house I own is great but I feel it needs more style in the living room! First room you see when you enter! Congrats to Melissa!

  83. I would be so grateful to win a copy of this book, because as a stay at home mom of two, I spend ALOT of time in my home, and need some help in making it feel more peaceful, inspired and lovely.

  84. Living in a rent house, it would be awesome to read this book to learn to love where I live. :)

  85. My daughter was married 12 years ago this May. Her husband traveled with his job and she moved back home. 11 years and 3 grandchildren later they just moved out in August. We have gone from a family of 7 living together with one bathroom to just my husband and myself. We are in the process of turning the house back into our home. Would LOVE to win this book. Thank you for the opportunity.

  86. I have enjoyed the The Inspired Room blog for several years now-Melissa always has inspiring obtainable decorating ideas!

  87. I would LOVE to win this book because I want to LOVE my home! I’m such a fan of BHG because of the all the amazing decorating and lifestyle ideas that are shared which inspire me to make changes in my own home. This book looks amazing!

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