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Lavender Ombre File Cabinet


Hello, hello, hello!! I’m Charlotte, and I’m the wrangler of all things chaotic over at Ciburbanity (stands for City + Suburb + Sanity).  I blog about fixing up our 100 year old farmhouse, hoarding furniture in my garage, and doing it all on a budget.  My approach to décor is to have fun, bring together the unexpected and take chances!  I’m thrilled to be wearing my “guest blogger” nametag on Style Spotters today (there’s not really a nametag… don’t worry) to share more about my “I Did It” lavender ombre file cabinet.



Lavender.  I’ve NEVER had lavender in my life. Ever. And here I was painting my whole dining room lavender. I was concerned that the lavender would be too “sweet” so I was THRILLED when I saw this industrial file cabinet on Craigslist.  I had visions of dinner napkins and silverware and all things entertaining organized meticulously in each drawer. (I’ll take the fifth if you ask what’s in those drawers right now…)

I decided to bring in a paint gradient, or ombre, to liven the ol’ gal up.  Annie Sloan chalk paint happened to have the perfect purple for my lavender walls: Emile.  Bonus points because chalk paint requires no prep. (Yep… no typo there. NO prep.) The hardware couldn’t be removed, but I was delighted when they shined right up with a wire brush. I painted around each handle rather than taping them allll off.   For the ombre itself, I use a few combinations of Annie Sloan’s Emile, Henrietta and Old White.

Now I had a pretty new file cabinet, but it needed a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to look more dining room and less board room.  In order to dress it up, I made a super simple base so that it could sit a little higher off the ground and be more like a legit furniture piece.

For a more detailed explanation of this project, see my original post: Ombre File Cabinet.  To see the piece in the context of the finished shiny new dining room, here’s that post too: Lavender Dining Room Reveal.

Never in a million years did I expect my purple project to be my secret handshake into THE Better Homes and Gardens.  If a mom of four could look cool twerking, then I would have tried it when I got the email about being on the “I Did It” page.  (I don’t, so I didn’t.)

I wrote about the behind-the-scenes experience on my blog and can’t say it enough… what a lavender filled blast.  Having a stylist and photographer in my house was excitement enough, but seeing what wily genius they brought to the final shot… so memorable.  I’d like to bring them back to cast their magic on my cluttered garage… I figure they can SURELY find some way to make it pretty with the help of enough lighting and accessories, right?

12 Responses to “ Lavender Ombre File Cabinet ”

  1. Saw this in the magazine and thought it was so cool! A fun mashup of industrial and sweet, and the addition of wood on the bottom really warms it up for a dining room. Great creative project!

  2. Don’t forget, that goes to me in your will!

  3. Love the transformation!
    Question: where are the curtains from?
    Thank you!!!

  4. Really love this! Now it’s going to be a shortage of these file cabinets though..

  5. I am in awe! I want, want, WANT this cabinet! I can think of a large number of things I could store within it.

  6. Wow!!! That’s amazing…..I love it…..I want one….

  7. This is amazing! Kudos to your good style sense. Lavender is one color I would never have thought of but is works. Congrats on your recognition as a great DIY’er (?)

  8. Beautiful! The curtains remind me of some that I saw at World Market.

  9. I have a mechanic’s cabinet very similar to this that I use in my Hobby Room…you have sooooo inspired me to make it “pretty”. GREAT JOB!

  10. I would love one of these in my craft room. Shades of green though.

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