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Playing With Pattern: Unexpected Pop

A space is just not complete in my eyes without a touch of pattern.  You can add a little pop of pattern with accessories like throw pillows and artwork or go bold with wallcoverings and area rugs.  Pattern is showing up in some innovative places lately.  Here are some ways to play with pattern by adding an unexpected pop to your space.


Stencil it!  I love the look of these stenciled floors.  This is such a fun and bold way to add a little pattern to your space. Find out how to DIY it here.



How fun is this?!  Add a little pattern to any door with this nailhead detail.  This could even be done with a little metallic contact paper or decals.  This is just brilliant and a great weekend project with high impact!


Never forget the fifth wall! Try adding pattern to your ceiling with a wallpaper or again a stencil for a surprising lift to a room.  I love this look as you can go classic and architectural as pictured or bold and adventurous for a big statement.


We’ve seen bold stairs executed with bright saturated color.  Why not a little pattern??

6 Responses to “ Playing With Pattern: Unexpected Pop ”

  1. The nailhead ceiling is great but the link is incorrect. Instead of Kara, it belongs to Pam of Simple Details. Here’s the correct link:

  2. Both the hard floors and carpets look great!

  3. Wow, the stairs are beautiful!

  4. The kitchen hard floor is lovely!

  5. Hey thanks for the catch! I’ve updated the link. It is so lovely!!

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