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Before & After: Vintage Modern Rustic Kitchen

Hi, y’all! My name is Jenna and I write the home decor, DIY, and craft blog, Rain on a Tin Roof. Besides loving all things home related, I also have an infinite love for good country music and 80′s rock. If I’m not attempting to keep the kid from doing acrobatic moves off the dining room table, I can usually be found painting something either navy, red, or kelly green. My style is mostly a combination of vintage, modern, and rustic elements, with a touch of fun thrown in here and there.

I recently had the honor of having my kitchen featured in Better Homes & Gardens I Did It section – a real life dream come true. Today, I thought I would share some details of the kitchen renovation.

In 2011, my husband and I purchased a 1960s brick rancher, that also happened to be a foreclosure, but was in our perfect neighborhood. We had to tour it with flashlights – the electricity wasn’t turned on and neither was the water. My mother-in-law cried when she saw it and really I can’t blame her. She was quite certain that us selling our brand new construction house to move into a not-so-sure-what-works brick rancher was the worst decision we could make. Luckily, as it turned out, there wasn’t much wrong with the rancher – it just needed some cosmetic updates.

At the top of the to-do list was the kitchen.

Kitchen Renovation via

Kitchen Renovation {}

The first major thing we did in the kitchen was open up the walls between the kitchen and living room and kitchen and dining room. This created one large open main living area. We did call in pros for this one. One of the walls was load bearing, so we didn’t want to risk damaging the structure of our house.

Before & After Kitchen via

The kitchen cabinets were in good condition – they just didn’t look good. Instead of replacing them, I painted them white and replaced the hardware.

I wanted to go for marble on the countertops, but I knew I wouldn’t be committed enough to the upkeep they would require. Instead, we went with a white Silestone that has some gray in it to mimic marble.

For the backsplash, we went a classic white subway tile that wouldn’t easily date.

By knocking down the walls, it made room for an island, which is my favorite thing in the space.Before & After Kitchen via

We built the island ourselves from salvaged porch columns and barn wood from my great grandfather’s barn. The bar stools add a fun pop of color to the space.

Another favorite, but small feature I love about the kitchen is our vintage locker basket shelving.


We simply mounted the baskets to the wall and they have held up great – perfect for your favorite cookbooks.

The total cost of the renovation cost right around $3000. This included the walls, countertops – everything. We completed most of it over the course of two months, but it was fully done within six months.

You can see more of the kitchen renovation here or tour our entire renovated rancher here.

Thanks so much to BHG for the magazine feature and having me over today! I would love to have you stop by my blog sometime to say hello or connect with me on Facebook, InstagramPinterest or Twitter.

35 Responses to “ Before & After: Vintage Modern Rustic Kitchen ”

  1. What an amazing transformation! I can’t believe you were able to get this look for just $3000! And the island is absolutely stunning. Well done!

  2. what a gorgeous kitchen you have love all the baskets and the island is swoon worthy great job jenna and gl xx

  3. I like everything but the baskets. That looks junky. It would look better putting the books on the shelf and taking some of the collectables off.

  4. I would LOVE to do something like this with my kitchen! Mine looks about the same as yours. Beautiful job! Now to find someone who can help me!

  5. Beautiful transformation!
    I’m not a fan of the black hinges. I have the same dilemma ….I’m going to be painting my cabinets and my hinges are on the outside like this too. I think I will paint them white to make them disappear.

  6. Can you tell me the estimated cost of the removal of the wall and load supporting beam? Thank you!

  7. What an amazing transformation…….it is absolutely beautiful……bet you love that kitchen now…….classy……

  8. I love this!!

  9. Why is the microwave so high? I’d never be able to reach it… to each his own. It looks much better but IMO I’d do silver looking hinges over black. They just stand out and look too dark. Love all the other touches though!

  10. really need kitchen make over

  11. The cupboards look great, looks very modern now, congrats (Y)

  12. You did an awesome job on that kitchen remodel, and I can’t believe that you did it for $3,000! Huge congratulations on getting into Better Homes. ThatIs amazing!!!

  13. I really enjoyed looking at the renovation of your kitchen! I have been wanting to redo mine for at least 10 years but can’t seem to get the ball moving for some reason. My cupboards are the same color as the ones you painted so it was good to see how that looked. I think mine will be painted a very light beige color and then I will need to decide from there the color for countertops etc. I need to keep the appliances as you did—fortunately they aren’t as old as the countertops and cupboards. I’m embarrassed to say that my countertops are harvest gold–shhh—-don’t tell!! I think just looking at what you have done has now given me the courage and desire to go ahead with the renovation so thank you so much!! I liked seeing more than just one before and one after picture—-I’ve already bookmarked this so I can go back to it later.

  14. Excellent

  15. she just has, to paint over wood….looks brighter + tidy & organised….like natural wood tho…

  16. I wish someone would come and design me a kitchen for under $3,000. Our kitchen is small and in desperate need of a makeover .I really love this

  17. Microwave is awfully high!

  18. Hi,
    I love your kitchen. I am trying to buy a house and will need to update the kitchen. I was wondering though….did you sand your kitchen floor and then paint it black? thanks.. You guys did a wonderful job.. love your island. That is such a fantastic job you did on THAT!

  19. I love your kitchen. Personally, because I don’t like to clean cabinets all the time, I wouldn’t want white, but you did an AWESOME job in this kitchen. WTG

  20. i priced a counter top like yours and was quoted $2800. How did u do that countertop?

  21. Great job! So many of the houses we are looking at in Florida have dated cabinets, and kitchens in general. Budget us key as we will be on retirement money. Nice inspiration!

  22. Hi Jenna, nice job! How did you update the floors?

  23. OMG girl, so proud of you! I’ve always loved your kitchen. Amazing job ;)
    Hugs, Jamie

  24. Wow!! I love it!! Congratulations on a great reno!!

  25. Proud of you, Jenna! Great kitchen, great girl! ;)

  26. It’s refreshing to see the results of a somewhat reasonable renovation budget. I too would love to have those $60,000 kitchens, but that’s not within most peoples reach. THIS however is a WONDERFUL example of recycle & refresh renovation! Great job!

  27. Such a gorgeous makeover! There are so many great DIY projects included.

  28. This kitchen is so amazing… It is such a fabulous example of what you can do with a little creativity, and some serious elbow grease. So many people would have thought they needed to demolish the whole thing but you saw the potential. I can decide which is my favourite part…I love those locker basket shelves. But the island is really a show stopper. Congrats on such a brilliant DIY makeover!!

  29. Your kitchen makeover is amazing! Love it!

  30. could be the very best location for acquiring kitchen products.

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