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Hey there!  My name is Amanda, it’s a pleasure to meet you.  I’m the author of Our Humble Abode where I chronicle the projects my husband Ben and I tackle in our 1970′s fixer upper.  We always have something home related in the works. Most recently, we completely gutted and remodeled our master bathroom.  You may have seen the it featured in the October ‘I Did It’.  Starting with sleek stainless countertops and shower pan, charcoal gray slate floor tiles, and nickel sconces gave us a good base.




To warm up the room, we built a completely custom American Walnut vanity and painted the walls nearly black.

Both elements added drama, in the best way possible.  Certainly a far cry from our dated, dingy yellow and red starting point.

That wasn’t our first bathroom remodel rodeo.  In fact, it was the second in this house.  We overhauled our main bathroom, replacing everything but drywall.  A few months ago, I got an urge for change and updated the room with a can of paint and a few accessories.

A green vanity is a fun surprise, but not overwhelming.  Open storage allows our young children (and guests) to find anything they may be looking for.  As a bonus, we can use pretty containers and display a few accessories.

Cross the hall and you’ll see the guest bedroom.  Previously set up with wall-to-wall, floor to ceiling dark bookshelves, we needed to make this small room feel larger.  Creating a recessed nook for the bed by cutting out the center of the shelves feels cozy.  Painting the shelves bright white and the walls buttery yellow perks up the room.

One of our main living spaces, the family room, has a few of my favorite updates.  Before, the family room was overhelmed by a messy 70′s moss rock fireplace. 

For a sleeker look, we built a frame over the existing fireplace and tiled over with dark slate.  A quicker update statement piece is the coffee table made from a gigantic free stump.

Ever so slowly, room by room, we’re crossing items off our to do list.  It’s a big task, but we’ve made a lot of progress in our two and a half years here.  You’re always invited to stop by and chat about all things home and renovation.


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5 Responses to “ DIY Home Renovations ”

  1. Hi. I fully agree with the particular previous comment

  2. I love your style and the projects you and your husband have done-just gorgeous!!!! I am currently doing a finish job in a basement and working on the bathroom. I want to know where you got your green vanity??? Did you build it? Love it!!!! Thank you for your input.

  3. What color paint is the green vanity? Love it!

  4. Wow amazing how a small touch here and there can change a room’s look. I love that idea of a hanging mirror with sail rope. That’s something I’d love recreate in my bathroom.

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