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Organize This: Boots!

Trend:  Fall Boots are BACK!



Summer days are winding down and fall is coming at us in full force.  Time to pull out those cozy throws, soft sweaters and tall boots to prepare for the chilly months around the corner.

Whether it is a rain boot, a riding boot or a trendy knee high boot, storing your favorite footwear can be a little tricky.  Here are a few of my favorite ways to make the most of your space while keeping those boots looking chic all season long.



First and most importantly, the way the boot is stored will ultimately impact the shape and the boot’s total lifespan.  To maintain a proper form, there are many inserts on the market made specifically for boot storage.  I highly recommend using one of these forms, or getting creative with objects around the home to create a form to tuck inside.  Everything from wine bottles to foam pool noodles to rolled magazines, all make great alternative boot forms.




What makes storing boots so difficult, is dealing with their bulkiness and height.  Whether in an entryway or a closet, there are many  wonderful shoe and boot organizers designed to accommodate awkward sizes.  One way to battle the height issue, is to invest in a closet system containing adjustable shelving.  Stand alone bookshelves also work perfectly for this as they offer adjustable shelving as well, and are versatile enough to be used in almost any room of the home.




If you are looking to store your boots outdoors, consider purchasing or building a solid wooden rack, which can store the boots inverted.  This will allow them to remain dry no matter what the weather brings.




If you find that storing boots indoors is more convenient, there are many ways to get creative with your entry space.  I really love the idea of recycling old crates to offer flexible winter gear storage.



Or utilizing a tall console table as a drop zone with a boot tray tucked below.  A good rug and boot tray will protect the flooring from all of those outdoor elements that typically come in on our feet.



Consider adding a bench to your entryway, which doubles as seating and ample shoe organization.  Building in a second shelf doubles the storage capacity and offers space for foot gear of all shapes and sizes.  Quick tip: Toss small baking soda pods or dryer sheets into the bench to absorb any foot odor that may get locked in.




Limited on floor space?  Just like any good organizing project, think vertically!  Oversized binder clips attached to the wall will provide creative and space saving boot storage.  And as great as this is, consider adding a small strip of felt inside each prong of the clip to protect the boot’s material while they hang.




Just as clips rock in the entryway, they also work wonders in a closet.  Hangers typically designed for pants and skirts also double as an amazingly creative way to stash away your trendy fall footwear.



And just as much as maintaining the boot’s form is crucial, caring for the boots finish is equally as important to extending the boot’s life expectancy.  Taking a few minutes to put together a shoe care kit will ensure your boots hug your feet for more than a single season.  A few items you may want to add to your kit are saddle soap, leather conditioner, weatherproofing protector, shoe brush and soft cotton rags.


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