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3 Fresh Takes on Stripes Inspired by Your Closet

Who doesn’t love a good stripe??  If you are like me, stripes have been a big part of your look this summer.  They are fun, flattering, and timeless.  The perfect combination for all things fabulous, yes?!  Get excited because all those great stripes you’ve been shopping are not going anywhere any time soon.  In fact look for them to evolve into fresh innovative patterns, full of movement and great color!  Here are some stripe trends to look out for and some fun products to get you inspired to be bold!

How fun is this DIY striped head board? Learn how to make it happen here.

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I love these looks don’t you?  Time to rethink your definition of a stripe.  Stripes can be so much more than two colors, even and straight.  These garments use stripes to contour the body, create interesting shapes and create a sense of movement.  These gorgeous pieces for home accomplish the same by keeping your eye moving.  Somehow they are bold and subtle at the same time – that perfect mix of unbalanced, balance.  Love!

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We love that earthy, ranch southwestern feeling.  It is warm and inviting and somehow always feels very familiar.  This take on stripes goes far beyond the poncho look.  These feel fresh and new and really convey that handmade organic feeling.  What is great about pieces like this is that you don’t have to go full on ranch hand to make a bit of a statement.  All of these would work as interesting accents in a variety of styles including contemporary and more modern spaces.

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In my book, the bolder, the better, who’s with me?!  These stripes definitely do not disappoint.  These bold classic stripe layouts are great because they always have a timeless feel.  It is the color of the stripe that can serve to make it feel up to date and fresh.  These bold stripes look great as upholstery, area rugs, wall coverings and wall art – really just about any creative use you can come up with!  Strong stripes are sure to make a big impact in any space.

What is your favorite way to incorporate fun stripes in your space?

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