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Vintage Modern Chic-A Trend to Reflect Your Personal Style

Hi there! My name is Jen, I am the creative vision and voice behind the blog City Farmhouse. I am beyond thrilled to be here contributing as a Style Spotter for BHG and to be in the company of such incredible talent!

The idea of blending vintage +modern has quickly become a style trend I have fully embraced for many reasons. When I first began decorating our east coast home 3 years ago I have to be honest, I felt a little lost. I had so many ideas & styles running through my head as most people do when they buy a new home, that it was hard to narrow it down. Can anyone relate? Ever since I can remember I have had a crush on vintage, as a little girl shopping thrift stores with my mother, there was just something I felt connected to, plus it is eco-friendly, full of character & charm and who doesn’t love that. On the other hand I am also drawn to simple, clean, white & minimal. So there began my decorating pursuit to layer our home in vintage details with a clean & comfortable modern simplicity, hence my blog name City Farmhouse.

With this style trend I love that the emphasis is on personal style and originality. There are many interpretations of Vintage Modern Chic, so there is a great deal of creative freedom, here are a few tips to help you get the look…..

Add modern art to your walls or a focal point to give a fresh hip look.


Repeat metals, textures &/or color to bring continuity to the space.

Emily Henderson-beautiful mix of vintage & modern{via}

A signature vintage piece blended with modern details, like this wall of black & white photos shows personality and makes for great conversation.

Love this salvaged door that opens to this rustic modern gallery wall and simple gray & white staircase


Mix whites, metals and warm wood tones with vintage elements, like this cool sign.

Magonlia Homes- love the mix of old & new elements in this modern farmhouse kitchen{via}

Introduce Lucite or other modern pieces to a rustic or traditional space to instantly give a stylish modern sensibility.

Erin Gates beautifully blends vintage & modern furnishings in her entry {shoot for BHG}


Layer dark tones, vintage furnishings, gold & organic textures with white to give modern character & charm.

Perfectly Imperfect-Love the blend of modern elements with vintage charm


Mix vintage pieces & warm wood tones with crisp white modern touches to create a clean & stylish space.

Modern Vintage Bathroom-BHG{BHG}

Introduce rattan & mid-century modern with rustic pieces to achieve the look.

Modern Beach Cottage- A beautiful mix of mid-century modern, rattan and rustic elements {BHG}{BHG}

Use vintage collections to compliment your modern furnishings.

A mix of old & new in this modern beach cottage. A vintage collection of paint by numbers gallery wall with a sleek headboard and side tables.


Use white as a neutral backdrop for your blended styles.

Decor 8- The Creative Studio of Jeremy Harwell


Add modern patterns, color & wood tones with white to create a comfortable & stylish retreat.

The DIY Show Off-beautiful mix of old & new with vintage modern touches that bring a warmth to the space


Last little tip to “get this look”- have fun & enjoy the journey, let your own personal style shine through!

54 Responses to “ Vintage Modern Chic-A Trend to Reflect Your Personal Style ”

  1. I also have fond memories of antiquing and yard sale-ing with my mom! Little did we know then that they were teaching us so very much! Love your tips for combining modern and vintage! Beautiful inspiration photos as well. x

  2. Love these tips and examples! I think so many (myself included) are drawn to modern pieces and patterns but feel unsure of how to blend them with a vintage or farmhouse style/decor. Thanks for putting this together and I LOVE the original artwork you created in the first pic! It is the perfect blend of modern and coastal!

  3. Great examples, Jen! I’m a big fan of the white walls myself. So much you can do with the room when the walls are white!

  4. YAY!! SO excited to see you here as a BHG style spotter! Congrats girl;) Love this post! So much inspiration for when the hubby and I move in a few months!! We might buy a new(ish) home, so I totally plan on adding a TON of character with vintage finds and antiques;) xo, amy

  5. Congratulations, so nice to see you her as a Style Spotter. Great artical. I love to mix modern and vintage together, it just seems to create that wonderful lived in look that is always so inviting.

  6. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips. Adding different eras, vintage mixed in, fives a great feeling of collected style.

  7. I love everything about all of this. Just beautiful vintage fun

  8. I love it all! I could move into any one of these rooms!!!

  9. Gorgeous inspiration and it comes just in time to help me with my living room makeover!

  10. Great post and inspiration pictures, Jen! I love the mix of vintage and modern, it’s so fresh.

  11. Love this! I’m a huge fan of mixing modern pieces with vintage or rustic finds, the photos you included are just perfect examples of that! Keep up the great work!

  12. I too love mixing vintage and modern together. I think it makes a room more interesting and inviting. Love all of your inspiration pictures!

  13. Congratulations Jen. Great article filled with helpful
    tips and inspirational pictures. I am so thrilled for you,
    you have made it to the big stage now! You are most
    deserving of this wonderful opportunity.

  14. Congratulations Jen. Great article filled with helpful
    tips and inspirational pictures. I am so thrilled for you,
    you have made it to the big stage now! You are most
    deserving of this wonderful opportunity. Your loyal
    readers have known for awhile that you have an
    incredible natural design talent. All the best from the
    “Jersey Shore”.

  15. So exciting to see your style on BG&G website! Love all your examples-makes me feel better about my style and estate sale shopping. Keep up the good work~sharing your examples was inspiring!

  16. Congratulations Jen! I can’t even image how excited you must be!!! This is awesome news!! You so deserve this! Your style and taste is gorgeous and always so classy and tasteful! I can’t wait!

  17. So happy for you Jen!

  18. Congratulations! Have been following your blog for awhile and look forward to reading your contributions to BHG. Love your style sensibility!

  19. Hi Jen…I am so thrilled for you that you are one of bhg style spotters!! You made the big time congratulations. Love your style!!

  20. Wow, congratulations on becoming a Style Spotter! Well deserved!! xx

  21. I love your post.
    .can’t wait to read them bi – monthly. ..

  22. Great tips and advice Jen! Awesome to see you here!

  23. So happy to see you over here, I love your style!!! Thanks for all the great tips!

  24. Congrats, Jen and well-deserved! You have shared some great information and inspirational photos here. I am a big fan of mixing modern with vintage and antique. It just gives a room so much more personality and comfort, I feel. Looking forward to reading more from you in the future!

  25. Love the beautiful images, ideas and inspiration in the article. I too love mixing style. Just one is no fun! ;)

  26. My favorite mag and now my favoring blogger! Life is good!

  27. This was such a wonderful post, Jen. As an antique and vintage shop owner, I supply the vintage, but it hard to show people the modern side of this style because I don’t carry new furniture. I wish I had poster size pictures like these as visual explanations. This was very nicely done.
    Thank you!

  28. Love the inspiration Jen! This is exactly what we’re trying to do in our home remodel. White clean walls with a mix of modern and vintage elements.

  29. I love the inspiration in these photos. I too have had a hard time trying to figure out my decorating style sometimes- I’m definitely eclectic! I love the ornate/antique style of Versailles but also the vintage/midcentury designs like Emily Henderson does. (I spy one of her rooms above!) Congrats on the new gig Jen!

  30. Just wanted to say congrats Jen! They picked the right person for the job! You were the main inspiration behind by living room re-do and I’m thankful every day when I walk through the room. It still needs some finishing touches and my 3 crazy children have their own ‘style’ they add to the room in full on tasmanian devil form each day…but it’s come so far and it’s the breath of fresh air I need some days! I know I’m only one of so many people who feel this way about you…and that audience just got a whole lot bigger! So deserving, you rock! :)

  31. So happy to see you in yet another forum Jen! Thank you for all your hard work and inspiration, it is very encouraging for those of us design challenged! ;-)

  32. What a beautiful collection of ideas for such a fun style! I always admire your design sense! I love your original artwork and your table! And that clipboard wall is so fun. I can’t wait to see your future style spotter posts!

  33. Your talent and eye for detail has been recognized by the Big Guys! Kudos! And, keep us supplied with all your beautiful designs. I am decorating challenged, so I look to your site for inspiration – you never fail to disappoint. Thank you

  34. I am so thrilled to see you here Jennifer! You have such an awesome eye for style and mixing old and new. I have always been a vintage girl, but in the past year, have been drawn to adding modern touches to my home. I love every inspiration photo you shared! Will have to go back to ooh and ahh at them some more. Can’t wait to see more from you here!

  35. This is totally What I am trying to achieve in my home. Thank you for the style tips.

  36. Simply Gorgeous! Each and every one I want to live in!! Your sense of style is amazing and I am so thrilled for you!! How lucky we all are to have you share your fabulous talented eye with us! XOXOX

  37. Love the mix of vintage and modern styles here Jen! Congrats and so well deserved. You have such a flair for this and I can’t wait for your future posts… :)
    Hugs and lots of love from Blogland! xo

  38. Love your modern/vintage style. It’s similar to my home in that I mix styles too. Can you tell me what tile is used for the fireplace surround (love it!) and where to buy the hanging light fixture in the bathroom. Thanks.

  39. Love anything on a fresh white background!

  40. Vintage meets modern. Love.
    Vintage is a foundational love in styling for many. Infuse modern accents and the end result is a fresh crisp look.

    Thanks for sharing the variations within the trend. Pops of color, a touch of industrial all while maintaining the vintage roots.

    Congratulations on the feature.

    Enjoy your day.

  41. Congrats Girl, this is a dream come true!! I love your blog and now have 2 places to stalk you for style tips. ;) wink!!


  43. Congratulations!!! Love the post, advice, and pictures! So happy you are part of BHG, they are lucky to have you!!!!

  44. Simply gorgeous ideas!

  45. Congratulations, Jen! So happy for you and of course I love your style! Thank you so much for the sweet shout out! Completely made my day! xo

  46. I adore your personal style – very reflective of my own. Mixing new with old, trendy with traditional and adding texture, color and special touches – - always a winner! Congrats. Looking forward to following you!! Claudia

  47. Awesome Jen!!! Congrats first and foremost, I absolutely love your style and take on things, and this article is so helpful and inspiring :) Keep up the great work!! ~Bre

  48. Congratulations Jen! Love your style and all the inspiration! You’re the best!

  49. Not one bitsurprised to see you as a style spotter. You have given many of us ideas for style, combos to use in our homes. So much to learn by really perusing photos featured, my head was spinning with possibilities. Many of things were more expensive than I could afford but if I use my imagination I can make things to resemble and satisfy my need for the style. I can go “shopping” in all my “stuff” to see what can be used to emulate. So happy for you Jen to be appointed a deserved “job”. Much luck to you.
    Happy Fall

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