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Side Table Love for the nursery

One of the most important parts of the nursery is the rocker or glider where you plan to feed and rock the baby.  Vivi is three and a half years old, and the glider we purchased when she was born is still an essential part of her room!  We read to her in it, hold her in it when she is sick or has a bad dream, and I often sit there to do reading or other tasks while she plays.

I have found that having a little side table makes it feel even cozier, so you have a place to set a book or a cup of tea or water (especially during night feedings when you have other nursing items or bottles or what not that need to be within arm’s reach).  Below are a few of my favorite side tables out there, and these are so lovely that they will easily find another place in your home once they have outlived their purpose in the nursery.  Which is your favorite?  (sources below image).


Sources, from top left: (1) Libby Side table; (2) Vintage Glass top table; (3) Black Tray table; (4) Pink Wire Table; (5) Zuvan Side Table; (6) Neon Pink Nightstand;  (7) Pentagon Dipped Table; (8) Streamline Metal Table; (9) Wire Burst Stool; (10) Elsa Stool; (11) Faceted Woodblock Table; (12) Rope Handle Table

Enjoy! ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

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