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From My Home To Yours: Poufs!

Can we talk about poufs for a minute? I’m not sure if you have boarded the pouf-trend train yet, but I’m taking on the role of conductor and inviting you to hop on board. As I’ve mentioned here on Style Spotters, over the last year I’ve been creating an office / living room for myself. While the space is pretty large, it’s divided into two separate areas: the office and the living room.Because of the layout, the living room got the short end of the stick in terms of space. However, I’m making that area work as hard as possible.


First, I incorporated a small sectional for maximum seating and total television watching comfort. Given the size of the sectional, I don’t have a lot of space for side chairs without making things feel cramped. The solution? Poufs!


Adding two patterned poufs on the opposite side of my coffee table not only offers me extra seats, but also provides an element of fun. It’s like having a couple mini- bean bag chairs. Adults have an opportunity to be kids again, but in a super stylish and trendy way. You have to love that!


With more and more people on the hunt for the perfect pouf for their space, the varieties, styles, colors, and shapes available these days are endless. Today I want to share some of my favorite poufs in hopes that one or two will fit your space.


1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 //10 // 11 // 12

Climb aboard the train and use the comments below to let us know which poufs are your favorites.
Happy Decorating!

Michael A. Wurm, Jr. – Inspired by Charm

9 Responses to “ From My Home To Yours: Poufs! ”

  1. I’m actually interested in the terrarium and rug…where are those from??

  2. Tha’s a nice rug. Where did you get it?

  3. I love that rug! Where is it from? Also the lamp!

  4. Hi! Also I would like to know where that rug is from! It’s awesome!

  5. Yes! Please share with me too – where is that rug from??!

  6. Rug is from CB2

  7. Hi – I have a similar setup with the fireplace dead center in the room. So, I’m curious, where is your tv? You mentioned it re: comfy couch. Thanks!

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