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Gilded Seashell Candle Holders


With spring and summer months ahead of us I am looking forward to the longer daylight hours and the opportunity to entertain outdoors again! Setting a simple but colorful spring table is easy with a few mismatched linens, bright flowers, and these Gilded Seashell Candle Holders. A couple coats of paint will transform average seashells into custom tea light dishes painted to match your tablescape. I painted these tea lights with a teal outside and metallic gold inside to reflect the flicker of candlelight. At dusk your gilded shells will light up the table and give a whimsical glow to surrounding place settings. – Leah Bergman, Freutcake

Large sea shells- available at most craft stores
Krylon ColorMaster Spray Paint (indoor-outdoor)- white & sea glass
Martha Stewart Metallic Gold Craft Paint
Sponge Paint Brush
Tea lights


1. Scrub inside and outside of seashells with soap and water to remove any sand or residue. Allow to dry completely before moving on.
2. Arrange shells face down on a piece of newspaper outside. Spray paint the outside of shells with two coats of sea glass teal spray paint allowing shells to dry between each coat.
3. Turn over dried shells and spray paint insides with one coat of white paint. This will give a good base for the gold paint in step 4. Allow to dry completely.
4. With a sponge or paintbrush paint inside of shells with two coats of metallic gold craft paint allowing to dry between coats.
5. Arrange dried shells along the center of your table and fill each with a tea light candle. Light and enjoy!

photos & tutorial by Leah Bergman / Freutcake

3 Responses to “ Gilded Seashell Candle Holders ”

  1. This looks so easy, even I could do it!

  2. GREAT ideas for candle holders. Love the look of the shells. Easy to obtain and DIY finish. Really adds an elegant look.

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