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Nate Berkus: American Dream Builders


The first thing people ask me when they see me, or on my Facebook page, is…Nate, please come to my house! Because how we live really matters. Period, the end. It’s about living with what you love, in a space that reflects who you truly are. This show is about bringing high design back to television…design that I hope inspires people to think about their spaces in a new way. And that’s what you see on the show. Talented, passionate designers who are fighting for their point of view. Some of the choices you will love, some you won’t. And that’s the thing with design, it should always be about what feels good, about what speaks to you. That being said, there are rules…things that can help turn an okay space into a room that really feels special.





I love this living room transformation from last week’s episode. The mistake people often make is thinking they need 20 pieces in a room. But the thing is, if it’s well-chosen and edited, fewer pieces are fine. In this space they edited the book case and left only a few curated objects. I might not have made that choice but it certainly hits home the fact that more than books can live on your shelves. In fact,  that’s one of the take aways for me doing this show;  sometimes less really is more. People also think that they have to be adventurous with paint. If that’s what you love, I say do it. But freshly painted white walls will never go out of fashion. Keep to the same hues when you add color, like the grey and purple accents here. And don’t forget lighting. People, I can’t say it often enough…it’s one of the most important things to think about. Go flea market shopping and pick up vintage sconces or brass lamps. These are the details that will bring the room together. That will make it feel layered. And like a room you love to come home to.


How great is this wallpaper! Absolutely perfect for a kid’s room…that was my greatest takeaway here. It feels fresh, fun…but also chic. And a space that they can grow into. That’s important. You want your child’s room to evolve with them. I also love the seating area. A place they can do homework, or read a book. It’s about creating a beautiful space, yes. But also, is this practical…does this space serve us? This is actually a pretty small room. But proof that you don’t need a lot of space to live well.


I can’t wait for you all to tune in and watch the second episode of American Dream Builders on Sunday night at 8/7c on NBC. I would love to hear what your favorite rooms are; what you’d love to recreate and why.


8 Responses to “ Nate Berkus: American Dream Builders ”

  1. I love the beams in the Living Room and the purple “flowers”/stems. And, I like the way the girl’s bedroom looks even though I don’t like the wallpaper. But, each to his own, you always say.

  2. I like the furniture in the living room. I would keep books on the shelves though – I have LOADS of books! ;-)

    The wallpaper is nice too. Looks like the home is an old home judging by the glass door knob – love it!

  3. Out of these two rooms, the bedroom is my fave. More inviting. The wallpaper is awesome~& yes the doorknob! I would put those on every door in my house if I could. The chandelier in the living room is the best feature. It really stands out for me! ♡♥♡

  4. I liked the red team rooms. I do like the living room above. I am going to put bookcases on each side of my fireplace. I think the wall paper is too much. Our old house of 1950 had the complete living room papered. If you look at the 1940s movies you will see that. I just think it is too busy

  5. I love the way you edited the bookshelves. It’s inspiring me to edit my own bookshelves… Maybe start to rotate some things, rather than display it all.

  6. That bedroom is a HOT MESS!! LOL Looks like a “before!” I wish Nate would go in after and fix the mess in an after show.

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