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Building a Dream House: Master Bathroom Inspiration

Hi! I’m Melissa. I write about food, family, and farm life at Lulu the Baker. My family and I are hopefully about to fulfill one of those good, old-fashioned life-long dreams: we’re building our Dream House.

There are lots of really fun things about writing this Dream House column for Style Spotters, but my very favorite thing is looking back at my photos from the past month and seeing all of the changes that have happened since my last post! Since things are progressing so quickly, it’s really easy for me to forget that just last month, for example, we were over-the-moon excited to get the concrete poured for the basement floor. I’m usually quite surprised when I sit down to write another post and realize just how much has been accomplished in a few short weeks. I’m so grateful that this column allows me to document the process of building our Dream House, because I’m afraid we forget so quickly and so easily!

Last month, my post ended with the decking being installed for the main floor, which was actually a surprise for us, and the build site has been a whirlwind of activity ever since! Right after the decking was installed, a couple of tons of gravel were used to backfill the big gap around the basement and foundation, which means no more gigantic, scary pit waiting to swallow up anyone foolish enough to go near the edge (mostly my children). Having that filled in is such a weight off this mama’s mind!

The gravel delivery was followed by the delivery of the rest of the ICF (insulated concrete forms) for the entire house. It took a couple of weeks for all of the ICF and rebar to be installed, and for the doors and windows on the main floor to be framed, and then yesterday we got to watch them pour concrete! The top floor of the house will have traditional timber framing, so now that the ICF is installed on the main floor, we are done with it for the remainder of the build! I was chatting with our contractor yesterday afternoon while we watched the ICF team pour the concrete down into the walls, and he said the framers are scheduled to come at the end of the week to start putting up interior walls!

One of the funny things about this project is seeing our Dream House come to life—sometimes in ways that we hadn’t envisioned. I said last month that I’m having a hard time translating the plans into an actual house accurately, so I’ve imagined details here and there that are not at all realistic. Like the transoms I’ve been picturing over the French doors in the family room, the transoms that aren’t happening at all. Big sad face. My husband called me last week from the build site with a slightly ominous question: What was I picturing for the window in the master bathroom shower? We wanted to have some natural light in the shower so that it wasn’t a cold, dark cave, so we’d asked the draftsman to put a long, high window in the plans. And we’d just assumed that when we saw a window show up on the plans, it was long and skinny, and very high up. So imagine our surprise when the window looking into the master bathroom shower from the front porch was 2 feet wide, over 2 ½ feet tall, and at chest level, giving visitors to our house a straight-on view of anyone showering. With walls made of concrete, you have to catch problems early-on, before they are literally set in stone. Luckily, we caught the window problem early enough that workmen could make the window much smaller before they poured concrete yesterday; no one needs an enormous window in their ground-floor shower!

So, what’s happening in the next few weeks at the Dream House? As I mentioned earlier, framers are scheduled for the end of the week to start working on the interior walls for the main floor. If the main floor goes as quickly as the basement did, they’ll be putting decking up soon so they can start framing the upstairs too! The concrete trucks are coming out again to pour all of the pads and slabs (porches, drive-way, etc). And a little bird told me that roofing trusses are on order! We’ve had more weather problems (snow, freezing temperatures, and lots and lots of rain), so cross your fingers that it all goes smoothly and on-schedule.

Lastly, since we had the master bathroom on our minds so much this month, I thought it would be fun to put together another inspiration board showing you some of the things we’ve purchased and chosen for our bathroom!

  • The oil-rubbed bronze sconces and fixtures, and the white wall-mounted medicine cabinets are from Pottery Barn, and were purchased at the same time as the pendant lights that will go in our kitchen. I had actually forgotten what all of these looked like until I looked them up yesterday, and my reaction was, “Hmmmm…” C’est la vie!
  • I spotted this built-in linen cabinet several years ago and fell instantly in love! So much prettier than a boring old closet!
  • I made the mistake of looking at bathroom vanities on Restoration Hardware “just for fun” and was smitten by this simple but jaw-dropping pair. They are way out of our price range, so we bought two of the tallest sinks we could find at IKEA, and are having our cabinet maker make us two simple stands for them. Cross your fingers that our plan A) works, and B) actually saves us money!
  • You really can’t have a farmhouse bathroom without a clawfoot tub or white hex tiles.

Photo credits: bronze scones, white medicine cabinets, and oil-rubbed bronze fixture photos from Pottery Barn | built-in linen cabinet from | vanities from Restoration Hardware | clawfoot tub from | white hex tile from

4 Responses to “ Building a Dream House: Master Bathroom Inspiration ”

  1. Being able to see the progress from here is so exciting! Thanks for sharing. Reading about your reaction to the sconces had me singing “you take the good, you take the bad, you take the rest and there you have. . .” :) They will look amazing! Can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.

  2. Your article was very useful and detail. I have to thinking about this ideas for my future home

  3. It’s so fun to see your dream home come together – I can’t imagine how exciting (and nerve wracking!) the process is.

  4. Marcelle–Yes, we get funny little surprises like that daily! I can’t wait for you to come see the finished project in person!

    Caryna–Yay! Feel free to ask me any questions.

    Melanie–It really is an amazing experience! The only downside so far is when things we wanted aren’t possible (the transom windows, for example) or when we don’t catch things in time to change them! Luckily, when that has happened, it’s been relatively insignificant.

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