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DIY Cork Trivet

My mother has been collecting corks and making these trivets since I was a kid. They take a little patience, but are super easy to make and pleasing in the way they provide a long life for all those corks you would have thrown away.

Your cork trivet can take many geometric shapes, but the basic shape that will emerge looks like a hexagon. Start by collecting about 60 real corks of the same length (you can usually get bunches at your local wine store or restaurant) and glue three together to form the core. Use super glue and hold with pressure for a minute until the glue sets.


Continue by glueing one cork at a time around and around the core until you’ve built your trivet out about five rows deep. At this point you’ll have a trivet large enough to place a nice big hot pot on. If you want to adjust the shape to a triangle or another geometric, that is easily done with a little planning after the first two to three rows have formed.


Your cork trivet will be incredibly strong when completed and will last a lifetime, gathering a lovely patina with age. My mother’s still line her kitchen and are more beautiful every time I see them. Enjoy!

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