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Decorating Around a Flat Screen TV

Our culture has put the television front and center in our everyday world as we tune in for news, sports, and entertainment. When decorating the home, everyone has to decide where to place their flat screen so that it’s easily visible but doesn’t overwhelm the room. To follow are five different ideas for decorating around a flat screen television at home. 

Consider the screen in the room’s architectural design, planning for a recessed niche with state-of-the-art wiring and outlets ready for mounting. Suspending a television above allows both the fireplace and the television to share rather than compete for the focal point and makes furniture arrangement that much easier.

flat screen above mantel


flat screen above fireplace


Opt for clever concealment or thoughtful disguises such as an ornate picture frame to surround or an armoire that can be closed when the television is not in use.

framed flat screen


versatile armoire 1


A media console grounds the space below the four corners of a screen and patterned window panels layered in contemporary patterns help to not only frame it but detract attention away.

flat screen above console


flat screen above cabinet


Another clever way to balance the weight of a flat screen is to curate a gallery of artwork or photography around it so the screen doesn’t dominate, rather it plays into the repetition of frames on display.

artwork around flat screen


flat screen on console


If you have the wall space, consider an arrangement of furniture that flanks a television with bookcases that possess open display above and media storage below.

flat screen media center bhg


flat screen in media center


How do you incorporate the big black box into your everyday decor, share your solution!


14 Responses to “ Decorating Around a Flat Screen TV ”

  1. These are great ideas! We actually customized an existing built-in bookcase to fit our flat-screen TV, by first doing some carpentry work and then painting everything. It turned out great – here’s how we did it:

  2. Thanks for posting this!
    I actually have this dilemma at home right now. Our fireplace wall has the TV on one side with the TV sitting on a console table and on the other side there is a door (to the kids playroom). I’ve read that there’s gotta be symmetry on both side of the fireplace wall with either bookcases, tables, etc on both sides. But how would you do it with a door and a TV on either side of the fireplace?? do I hang art or something of top of the TV to match the height of the door?

  3. I’ve struggled with this in my own home. I tended to use a bit too much on my mantel with the TV right above. I ended up with a more minimalist look.

  4. I’ve heard that placing the TV above the fireplace is not good for the electronics as the fireplace can get too hot. Is this true?

    I’ve also wondered is the TV (when above the fireplace) is too high for comfortable viewing?

    I’ve been struggling with this, so would appreciate any feedback.

  5. Just in time! I’m removing my flatscreen from the armoire, and moving the armoire out, so we’ll have more room. BUT I have a coal stove, so I can’t put the TV above it. Some great ideas here! Thanks. I feel inspired

  6. We have a unit we bought with shelving on the side. But I concealing the tv is kind of silly since I would be willing to bet that nobody closes the doors with a concealed tv. I once had a unit that had doors and in the 10 years I had it, the doors might have been closed 3 or 4 times!

  7. I just want to say thank you, your blog has helped me to better organize my things in the store! Awesome!

  8. Where is that rug from in the second pic from fhe bottom?? The white black and yellow?

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