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The Versatile Expedit

For years IKEA has been a source for affordable furnishings, and many of their pieces have become staples in homes all over the world. The Expedit shelf is among the most popular and when used in smart ways by savvy residents of homes large and small, it’s landed on the pages of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and Special Interest publications. To follow are examples of the very versatile Expedit ! 

Stacked in a quartet, these four shelving units are purposed as a wall of bookcases. Hanging a decorative mirror adds an elegant touch.

stacked ikea expedits


If cabinetry or storage is lacking in a kitchen or breakfast nook, use it to house a collection of colorful dishes that are easy to grab at snack or supper time.

ikea expedit in kitchen


The Expedit is finished on both sides so it makes an excellent room divider in any open space. Fill it with books or collectibles so it multitasks.

white expedit with books


It needn’t stand up in vertical formation, it also works as a long console in a playroom. Repurpose single row units as benches by adding a colorful cushion to the top while storing supplies below.

side by side expedits


expedit bench


On a blank wall, the Expedit provides useful storage in a home office or craft room. Thankfully, the unit is available in more than just white, look for it in black, gray, and high gloss versions in pink, red, and turquoise and accompanying bins and baskets designed to fit inside.

ikea expedit home office


ikea expedit

 blue ikea expedit


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13 Responses to “ The Versatile Expedit ”

  1. I love these ideas for the book shelves just beautiful.

  2. I’ve been stuck for storage ideas for my home office/crafts/sewing/library/decor items room. This will be perfect & I love IKEA! Thank you for sharing this!

  3. How do i get the dimensions for these shelves? just what I need!

  4. First photograph is design by Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors –

  5. First photograph design by Meg Lonergan of LeSueur Interiors –

  6. I really like the versatile uses of these shelves! I like the idea of using them in different ways in different rooms. My boyfriend and I can both use them! This is great,because I have a large paperback and hardcover book library!

  7. Where are the original sources for these images? I’d love to read more about them!

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