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A More Efficient Kitchen

It’s January so we continue the organizational theme by addressing storage in the most used space in the home, the kitchen. With any kitchen remodel, you can plan ahead and incorporate space saving measures, but for those of us that live with kitchens as they are, it’s helpful to equip yourself with a few strategies for better efficiency. These five changes will help get any kitchen large or small functioning more smoothly.

Begin with a well organized “junk” drawer where commonly used items are kept within easy reach. Efficiency is created with the use of drawer organizers, small trays, or bowls, and just a few minutes each week dedicated to keeping it clutter free saves time down the road when these necessities are in demand.

kitchen junk drawer


Modify a 18” x 24” base cabinet to a recycling and garbage center and squeeze two kitchen sized cans inside. Look for online tutorials and/or conversion kits to make this weekend project work for your home and consider a toe kick drawer for storing bags or cleaning supplies.

recycle and trash bins in kitchen


Swap out a few fixed shelves for pullout units that provide easy access to all things stored inside and avoid the jostling around of items with the luxury of better view.

pullout drawers in pantry


Dedicate the interior of a cabinet door to a peg board station to hold a grocery list, coupons, or other small office supplies such as Post-Its for reminders of things to do that week. A painted chalkboard surface below allows kids to be involved in the process.

cabinet organization station


Take inventory of all pots, pans, dishes, and platters, keeping only what you value and donating the rest. Store only what you use and what you love in simple stacks on pantry shelves for a clutter free zone.

organized pantry shelves in kitchen


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Happy kitchen organizing!


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