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Organize This: Holiday Party!

It’s the holiday season!  To many, that means gathering, celebrating and spending time with friends and family.  Organizing a festive party can quickly add to stress to the already busy season, however, with a few simple tips and planning you can plan and throw a soiree with a smile.


Make a List, Check it Twice


Just like many other organizing tasks, you can’t go wrong with a checklist when it comes to party planning.  In fact, multiple checklists can prove beneficial.  Neatly corralled in a binder, keep a list of your guests and their RSVP status, a cleaning checklist for your home, a beverage and meal idea list, a shopping list and a general “to do” list.


Prep the Bathroom

During the party, the bathroom will most likely be one of the busiest rooms in the home.  Give it a little extra attention by giving it a good scrub, adding a small vase of flowers, setting out fresh towels and ensuring that paper products are fully stocked.


Be Ready Year Round


Set up a small cabinet, drawer or closet in your home to house your party supplies year round.  This could include serving dishes, linens, trays, linens and decor.  Having everything in one place will prove to be beneficial when party day rolls around.


Hang It Up


When your guests begin arriving, they will need a place to hang their coats and totes.  Bring in a hanging valet or clear a spot within your entry closet, to easily store away your guest’s personal belongings.


Keep It Simple

Serving bite sized appetizers reduces the amount of dishes that will have to be washed once the festivities come to an end.  It will also allow you to do less cooking before hand.  Prepare one or two special or unique food items, and be OK shopping for or catering in the rest.  Gain extra credit points for adding decorative labels to your tasty treats.


Set Up Stations


Prevent over crowding at the food and beverage table by spreading things out.  A buffet with food options, a side table set up with desserts and a bar cart stashed with beverages.  To prevent from being hired on as the bartender for the evening, set out a drink recipe menu with your mixers so your guests can keep their glasses ready to give a cheer.


Help Your Guests, Help You

You won’t want to spend your evening cleaning up after your friends and family, the point of a party is to relax and enjoy your company.  You can set yourself and your home up for success by adding labeled trash and recycle bins in an easy to access area.  Dirty dishes can wait until after the party, however, keep your counters free of the aftermath by placing an empty bin for the dishes near the sink.  Be ready for spills and stains by keeping a few stain removal and cleaning supplies nearby in a portable cleaning caddy.


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