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Organize This: Makeup Station!

Trend: Mirrored Furniture



Mirrored furniture can be both functional and beautiful in any room in the home.  I am especially smitten with mirrored console tables, dressers, nightstands and vanities.



Makeup vanities come in endless colors, shapes and sizes, and with a little creativity they can be squeezed into a bedroom, bathroom or walk-in closet.



Vanities make for a really wonderful place to sit down and do your daily glam routine.  And with a few tips, they can be created quite simply and still function big.

The key components of any makeup station starts with the vanity, a mirror, good lighting and a chair or stool.  The vanity itself can be created by re-purposing a desk, scouring thrift stores for a vintage piece or even from a console table typically intended for living areas.


To organize beauty supplies, drawer dividers come in handy to ensure makeup doesn’t become a jumbled mess, while tabletop organizers can function big for drawer-less vanities.  Acrylic options tend to work best since they can easily be wiped down as makeup tends to create small dusty messes.



Another creative way to maximize beauty supply storage is to think up!  Wall shelves and organizers are a great way to keep makeup and accessories within reach, without cluttering the main surface area.


Tucking a small storage cart or set of drawers below the table also provides added storage for bulkier items such as curling irons and hair dryers.



Decorative jars, mugs or pencil cups work perfectly for storing makeup brushes.  They allow for the brushes to stand up {add beads or coffee beans} and prevents makeup dust from spreading within drawers and makeup bags.



Adding a small tray to your vanity not only corrals daily favorites such as perfume, lipstick and jewels, it also adds a pretty decorative detail as well.


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4 Responses to “ Organize This: Makeup Station! ”

  1. Wow, really nice furniture…

  2. The walls look awesome. I love the First picture over there.I love that round mirror.It would be nice if the view of the entire room was shown.I love those glass chairs!!I am re modelling my room. Bought a patio door from the window choice showroom at Toronto.Surely i am gone to add these ideas to my room..Thanks for the blog!!!

  3. Amazing post, really looking Very nice ,Thank You…..

  4. it was great to have the makeup of this

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