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Alternative Ideas for Book Display

Most everyone owns a bookshelf for storing a collection of favorites, and naturally they’re on display in horizontal and vertical formation. Scatter among the texts some stylish accessories such as artwork, vases, and ceramic objects and you’ve achieved a practical and pretty arrangement.

stylish bookshelf bhg

There are alternative ways to display your books, here are a few different ideas which may inspire you. First, have you considered arranging your bindings not by title or subject but by hue? A clever assortment that takes its cue from the color wheel is pleasing to the eye.

colorful book display bhg

Using books as props is a creative way to showcase your favorites and also make them accessible for browsing. Pile them up on benches or stools for a layered yet welcoming look. A stack of literature on the mantel makes a perfect perch for objects d’art and also communicates you’re an admirer of published works.

stacks of books on mantel bhg


The cover can be just as appealing as the contents – consider a series of book covers displayed as art. Keep the spotlight on the beauty of the artwork by choosing frames of uniform color.

framed book covers


No one ever said the spines are the only portion worthy of display. A collection of vintage books is equally as appealing with the covers facing forward, beckoning the observer closer as if to say "take a turn through my pages."

vintage book covers


Books can become art themselves when stacked in a tall formation – stands like these allow one to create a pile of favorites in a vertical display.


stacked books bhg


How do you store or creatively display books around your home?



7 Responses to “ Alternative Ideas for Book Display ”

  1. Great post. Really needed this!!! As always top of your game

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  3. Hi Kate,
    Great article and as always fabulous visuals. What do you call that black cabinet with chicken wire? I mean if I wanted to specifically look for one and the round hardware pieces? Thanks. Best

  4. I turned all of my books around so you only see the pages. I like the texture you get from the pages as well as the neutral look on a dark bookcase. It makes all of my accessories on the bookcase pop!

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