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Styling with Stumps!

The faux bois (or “false wood”) look has been all the rage for years in design, but why fake it when you can have the real thing? A tree stump turned side table is a wonderful way to use an organic wood in your home. Bringing the outdoors indoors is a favorite trick among designers because we love to spend our hours in the fresh air among the trees and botanicals whenever possible. Styling a home with a tree stump is a nod to our love of natural objects.

In an all white bathroom space filled with cool metal, marble, and tile surfaces, juxtapose a warm wood stump to introduce contrast and offer a practical place for bathing necessities.

wood stump end table bhg


If you’re bringing a recently cut stump indoors, make sure it is free of mites or insects, which could mean storing them in a critter free zone to dry them out, or treating them with a mild chemical or green pest solution before bringing them into your home.


stacked logs bhg

With patience and layers of paint, you can turn a discarded stump into a small side table. Alicia did it in her living room, see her tips on how to paint your own. If you’re sentimental, carve some initials in the side to commemorate a moment with a loved one.

painted wood stump bhg


Level stumps in a group are a great substitute for a coffee table with their smaller footprint.  Remove the bark from a trio and sand the trunks smooth, then paint them in happy shades to complement your existing decor. Use your new props from nature to support your beverage and remote!

colorful stump tables bhg


Of course you can always keep your stumps on a porch or patio as moveable tables for your outdoor soirees. See Emily’s tips for installing casters on the base.

moveable stump tables bhg


Next time you see trees being cleared in your community or neighborhood, stop by and inquire if you can grab a stump or two from the trimmings, the possibilities for use both indoors and out are endless!


3 Responses to “ Styling with Stumps! ”

  1. I love the idea of painting these. Especially as a side table for a deck or other outdoor space!

  2. I love this idea. Makes a great conversation piece. I’m anxious to try it.

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