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Three-Minute Flower Arranging with Alexandra Hedin


I’m Alexandra Hedin and I like to have fun.  I want everyday to be a party so I cook and craft with my three {young!} children out of a renovated fire station in Seattle, Washington.  You can play along with me everyday on my blog – and find all sorts of recipes and videos on my website.   Let’s have fun together!  




Trends: Wild and bright flower arrangements and mason jars 

I love having fresh flowers in the house but I don’t love spending a lot of money on flowers. Just this week I bought three bunches of Astrolomeria at the grocery store for $10!  That’s a lot of bright colored flowers for $10.  I just don’t love Astrolomeria.  The good news is that this time of year the blackberries are in full bloom and they look so cool when added to inexpensive grocery store flowers.  Plus, blackberries are free.  Pair that with a mason jar that’s lying around the house and you’re in business.


Even better is that this arrangement can take you three minutes to put together!  Just wear gloves – I didn’t because the pictures weren’t as cute, but the blackberries are prickly!

3 Responses to “ Three-Minute Flower Arranging with Alexandra Hedin ”

  1. Thank you for this tutorial! The blackberries are a lovely touch–though leather garden gloves would be a good idea. :)

    I’m a painter, so I wanted to photograph my floral paintings staged next to fresh flowers, but costs were keeping me from starting the project. This will definitely help!

  2. You are welcome Kirsten! I would love to see your paintings.

  3. Hello Alexendra, I have landed in this blog while traveling in the blog land. I just want to appreciate your effort to put this blog. I love this blog and tweeted this to my followers. Thanks for sharing – love to see more from you.

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