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Hilary Rushford: Fall Accessorizing with Jewel Tones




Do you ever look at your outfit in the mirror and think, “This just doesn’t do anything for me”? As a stylist at Dean Street Society one of my favorite tips to give clients is to always leave the house looking remarkable — worthy of remarking upon.








What do you compliment other women on in their appearance? “That dress looks great on you!” “I love you in that color!” “Where’d you get that fabulous necklace?” We typically comment that someone’s figure looks especially flattering, we’re captured by a color or we notice a unique detail. Today I’m sharing six ways you can add the latter two to the classic outfit of a white top and dark jeans to look remarkably lovely this fall.



First up, is color. My secret to color that’s always chic, plus a closet that can be mixed and matched throughout, is to wear jewel tones. Wearing multiple pastel shades can feel a bit too Easter sweet, while pairing primary hues can quickly channel Rainbow Bright of the 80′s. Meanwhile, jewel tones — emerald, plum, marigold, burnt orange, poppy red, magenta, royal blue — have a richness that stays classy. Plus, you can rest assured you can wear more than one without fear of clashing, as they always complement one another.

Next, let’s look at six spots you can add these colors in the form of unique details that convey confidence and create a polished finished look.


Want three more bonus reasons to add any of these to your wardrobe?

You can find them at any price point. They fit even if you gain or lose a bit of weight. And they can be worn almost year round.

I think it’s pretty black and white that you have nary an excuse not to go add some remarkable accessories to your wardrobe, m’dear!

With grace & gumption,

Hilary & Dean Street Society



P.S. Don’t just think about it. Make it happen! Which of the items or colors above are you inspired to try? Leave your faves in the comments below!

5 Responses to “ Hilary Rushford: Fall Accessorizing with Jewel Tones ”

  1. These are all great ideas! They are great for any season, and most of us have these things in our closet already. My favorite fashion accessory is a colorful patterned scarf!

  2. Bea, I’m thrilled you think so! And yes colorful patterned scarves are one of my favorites to wear & to recommend once the temperature drops!

    with grace & gumption,

  3. Fantastic post! Can’t wait to try a skinny belt and bright lipstick to a basic jeans and white shirt look!

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