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Joy Cho: 10 Favorite Things on Pinterest

Outside of my blog, Pinterest is probably the site I visit the most every day. For me, it’s like a virtual scrapbook of places to keep inspiration I find online and also to stumble across other great ideas, recipes, DIY’s, and beautiful visuals that might inspire something I am working on.

So today, I wanted to share my 10 Favorite Things on Pinterest right now:







1. Dream Homes and Spaces

Don’t we all love to fantasize what we want our “someday” home to look like? I love gathering inspiration for ideas I can apply to my home now as well as details I’d love to incorporate some day.

2. Colors

Whenever I see a color palette in a painting, a photo, a piece of clothing, or anything that inspires me, I save it to my color board. You never know where that inspiration might come in handy again later.


3. Mini Spaces

I love kid’s rooms that feel fun and whimsical without being too cutesy. I really favor spaces that a baby or child can grow with and that feel collected over time.


4. Recipes

Pinterest is kind of like the prettiest version of Google when it comes to looking for recipes or inspiration for dishes.

5. Typography

As a graphic designer, I’m constantly inspired by typography on packaging, signage, and anywhere that beautiful works and type exist.



6. Hair Ideas

I am one of those girls who would prefer to just wake up and roll out of bed and not do a thing to my hair. But to make it look like I’ve put at least a little bit of effort into it, I find a ton of easy and beautiful hair ideas here.


7. Flowers

I love flowers and constantly get inspired on ways I can dress up my dining table with some fresh blooms or make a little bouquet for a friend.


8. Inspiring and Stylish Women

It always inspires me to see women who really have a look all their own or a statement piece they can wear with confidence.


9. Something Really Specific

Pinterest is great for putting together collections of whatever your heart desires. For example, I love colorful doors and have a board just for that. So, whatever you fancy, create a board inspired by that very thing.


10. My Wishlist

Finally, one of the best parts of Pinterest is being able to save all things I’m coveting on my wish list. Sometimes I end up buying them, and oftentimes, I need to watch my pennies and don’t get to. But, even if it never makes it into your real closet, it’s fun to have it in my Pinterest closet for a while. And, having a Wishlist board makes it extra easy for when your spouse is trying to figure out what to get you for your birthday ;)


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  1. interested in knowing where I can buy the plantar busts of faces. I find it quite unique.

    annamay sperazza

  2. Always love your pics!

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