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Style Spotter: Super-Big Animal Art

Trend: Oversize Art Featuring Animals

Horses galloping through the dining room. A pelican perched on the consol. It seems like every house we consider for publication these days includes a really big piece of art featuring a sketch or black-and-white photograph of an animal. Striking and oversize, these pieces work especially well in today’s neutral-palette rooms, like this gray-and-white bath (below left), this wood-paneled office (below middle), or this almost-all-white living room (below left).

In the really old days (think 1500s), sketches like this were smaller and generally done in preparation for engravings, etchings or woodcuts. Like this greyhound (below) by German artist Albrecht Düter. Nowadays, the pieces are finished artwork in their own right. The massive paintings of Ohio artist Luke Stretar, many featuring nearly lifesize cows, caught my eye at an art festival in East Lansing, Michigan, a few years ago. I was happy to see him again at the recent Des Moines arts festival.

But you don’t have to collect huge (ie: expensive) pieces of art to incorporate this trend into your own home. At my house, we have a couple of beloved animal artworks that hit the same note. This charming sheep was painted by my sister-in-law, Robin Hotchkiss, as a gift for my son when he was born. And this whimsical dancing cat print by Larry Welo is a loving tribute to our dear black kitty, Smokey.

Big or small, I hope you’ll find a way to add some animal art to your house soon.

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  1. Wow…It looks amazing! I love the style and the colors!

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