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DIY-ify: Mini Herb Garden

Trend: Mini Gardens

In need of a garden, but don’t have the space? No worries. I can help you out. I’m rethinking the hanging planter today. Instead of hanging, I’ve added some wire, moss, and some time to make a much more interesting addition to my little tiny home.

With a little bit of time you can recreate this. Here’s what you need:


- 1 hanging planter (with coconut liner)

- 1 twelve inch section of hardware cloth

- Wire

- Wire cutters

- Pliers

- Gloves

- 1 package of sheet moss

- Dirt

- Herbs


- Use a marker to trace a half circle onto your hardware cloth.

- Use your wire cutters to cut out your traced shape. Set aside.

- Cut your hanging planter coconut liner in half. Set aside.

- Use your pliers and wire to attach the cut our shape to the front half of your hanging planter. Tip: also fold back any sharp points sticking out on top.

- Optional: If you’d like plants to grow out the front of the planter, like mine, cut out a couple of uneven holes in the mesh.

- Flip the planter over and use your wire to wrap around the back of the planter (to hold in the moss).

- Line the back wire with your sheet moss. I do this so the moss shows, instead of the coconut liner.

- Add the coconut liner inside of the planter. If you’d like, cut out the some coconut liner shapes to cover the front mesh portion of the planter. I didn’t do this, but it may help retain water.

- Finish lining the inside of your hardware cloth with moss. When it’s all covered, start adding your plants…. starting with any plants that will be hanging on the side.

- Add moss onto any spots that may have disappeared under the dirt.

- Hang outside, in full sun, enjoy!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

P.S. Check out my inspiration for this project on Rancho Reubidoux.

8 Responses to “ DIY-ify: Mini Herb Garden ”

  1. Love it – really unique and one-of-a-kind. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to try this!

  2. The unique hanging planter is really beautiful.

    Publish more of this kind.

    Thank you

  3. Such a cute mini garden!!! Great DIY :)

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  5. Lovely! I am gonna try it.

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  8. I want to do something similar, using the grid from a small fan. Definitely agree with the post re: Monsanto. Evil org!!!

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