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Organize This: Open Kitchen Shelving

Trend: Open Kitchen Shelving!

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I am swooning big time over the loveliness that comes with gorgeously styled open kitchen shelving.  And not only are they uber lovely, but they are also an absolutely fantastic solution for dishes, appliances, baking goods and other kitchen necessities.  Especially in apartments and smaller spaces in which storage is limited.

The days of kitchens designed with wall to wall concealed storage are gone, folks are having a blast putting their dishes and kitchen gadgets on display!

While store bought shelving units are an inexpensive upgrade to kitchens that don’t have enough built-in storage…


Open shelves are an inexpensive way to give kitchens a nice and airy feeling!


Open shelving can also provide added flexibility.  Easily cut down to size, shelves can be fit into awkward spaces to create extra storage and display space.


The shelves themselves are not the only functioning piece of the equation; many different accessories such as wine glass racks and mug hooks can be added to the bottom side of the shelving to double the storage capacity.



Shelving also has a way of really highlighting those items that are frequently used and/or have special meaning.  A bold backdrop, such as a vibrant paint color or tile, really make the kitchen accessories pop.


They can also frame out a window while boasting storage where you would least expect it.


If you already have your walls filled with functioning cabinetry, but adore the look of open shelving, a simple solution is just removing the cabinet doors.  This also gives you quick access to the items you use most often.


Plate slats can also be added to open cabinets, which is an added bonus!


A large hutch is another great solution to open kitchen storage.  In fact, many sport a concealed area for tucking away bulky appliances and an open section for all those pretty dishes and accessories.


Open shelving isn’t for everyone.  If you don’t love the idea of extra dusting from time to time, but adore the look that comes with the open shelving trend, swap out your cabinet doors with ones that are glass faced.  Bonus points for painting or lining the cabinet backs with a bright and bold color or pattern.


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