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Erin Souder: Adding Abstract Art







Hey there! I’m Erin from House of Earnest where I blog about everyday ideas for parties, decor, and DIY around the home. I’m here today to share a common problem when it comes decorating. The rooms we gawk at and trends we swoon over are one thing when they’re in someone else’s home (or a decorator styled space), but how we integrate them into our own style at home is tough. I’m going to share how to bridge that gap and get you on the road to trend-right living.


On the docket today are the beautiful pieces of feminine abstract art that seem to be the most popular addition to any chic space. Working a beautiful abstract piece into more traditional decor isn’t difficult at all and just requires a few key steps!


Before - Abstract Layers

After - Abstract Layers

abstract layers - 2

abstract layers - 1


The big key here is to trim the art out in a frame that meshes well with the rest of your home decor. This will ease the piece into place. Next, layer in some transitional pieces that bring the color of the art down into the room. Traditional shaped lamps in a fun pop color and modern pieces, like this vase, in a neutral will really bridge the gap. I always think that adding in a natural element and a hit of bling is a good idea to create style balance. Pile it all on top of your existing traditional furniture and you’ve got a winning (and did I mention chic?) combo. Wasn’t that fun?


Abstract Layers Collage

Art | Frame | Lamps | Vase | Naturals | Object ‘d art | Console


I am thrilled that I got the chance to share with you all how to work trending pieces into your home without redecorating a whole room. If adding a cool abstract piece was this easy, imagine what else we can do!

23 Responses to “ Erin Souder: Adding Abstract Art ”

  1. LOVE IT! Good job, Erin. I’d love to read more of your stuff!

  2. I really love how you pull together everything and the look is so clean,very nice. enjoy looking at your work.

  3. I love both the vintage French advertising poster and the abstract art. There’s no reason why different styles of art shouldn’t share space on our walls. That’s what makes a home eclectic and interesting. No reason to choose between one or the other. I say, “mix it up!”

  4. Love this! Such a great way to make two different styles work so very well together. I love when traditional meets modern and you did it very eloquently. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and using your advice when I decorate my house!

  5. I’m really into traditional yet modern style. This article gives me more ideas to use around the house. Thanks!

  6. I’m very traditional, but am trying to work some modern , even abstract pieces into my home. It doesn’t come natural to me, so really appreciate the ideas and explanations. Thanks.

  7. Great practical ideas including items that I already have around the house!

  8. Very clever and helpful ideas! Love the presentations.

  9. Great ideas, Erin. I am looking forward to seeing more.

  10. Erin, you make it look SO easy!!! You certainly have the gift of decorating and redecorating!! Love the ideas and can’t wait to see more! Thanks!!!!

  11. I can’t wait to use your ideas in my living room makeover! Love it!

  12. I absolutely LOVE abstract art and actually have several pieces in my home. I have such a difficult time framing them and pulling everything together, though. I always though that abstract art would pop more if the painting were just left stretched without a frame, but I am going to have to try framing and using splashes of complimentary color to pull my room together. I’m also not sure about how many pieces of abstract art are too much for one room. Ideas?

  13. Love the fresh color palette & chic look! Show me more! Tips like this are so valuable for those of us that don’t have enough time to start from scratch.

  14. I have a really hard time with abstract art, though it looks so pretty at other people’s houses. This really makes it easy. I love the part about bringing one of the colors down into the room, clever! Your blog is awesome and so are you!

  15. Love the pops of color and the contrast with the dark wood of the table. Well done!

  16. Looks awesome. I really like industrial furniture but have no clue how to add it to my traditional decor. I would love to learn more about that or see examples. Love your blog!

  17. Love the art piece! The colors are beautiful.

  18. Such a great idea! I love the simple ways you incorporate great style on your blog!

  19. Love this! I hope to see more soon!

  20. Thank you ALL for the sweet comments on the post!

    Jen – I think that if there are varying types of art in size/shape all within a similar color scheme for the room, you can do a couple big pieces or one big piece and a few smaller in a gallery wall with others. There are definitely ways to make more work, the type/color of furniture would just come into play a little more!

  21. This is a great way to freshen up the look of some I my traditional furniture….LOVE it!!

  22. LOVE all that you’ve done with these looks :) Especially love the different lamps!!

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