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DIY-ify: Air Plant Wall Hanger


Don’t have a green thumb? Well, I have the perfect thing for you: air plants. Yeah, air plants. No dirt, just the air. They require VERY little maintenance. Just a random spritz of water, or a soak in a cup of water every week or two. Even if you forget the random watering part: they still seem to live.


Today I’d love to share a fun DIY for hanging your air plants: Air Plant Wall Hanger. This little wall hanger is low cost and simple to create. It also makes it look like your plants are floating on the wall. Want to make one for yourself? Here you go:



Supplies to make 1 hanger:
- Three: 3 – 4 inch nails

- Sculpey (or whatever oven baked clay you prefer

- Picture hanger

- E6000 Adhesive

- Clear Acrylic Spray

- Wire (I used 18 gauge)

- Wire cutter

- Pliers


-  Grab your wire and 3 nails. Cut a 10ish inch piece of wire. Secure the wire near the head of one nail. Add a second nail, at an angle, and tie it on. Add the third nail and tie it on. The nail tips should be spaced 1/2 – 1 inch apart. No need to be perfect. If needed, cut another 10 inch piece of wire to better secure the nails.



- Use your Sculpey to completely cover the nails and wire. Press the base of the piece on a flat surface, to prep it for hanging on a flat wall.



- When the piece is covered, follow the Sculpey baking instructions to bake it. Let your plant hanger completely cool.



- When the plant hanger is cool, use the E6000 adhesive to glue on the picture hanger. I used a triangle hanger (since it was smaller), but you can use whatever you prefer. To keep the triangle a bit more secure, I glued the actual triangle to the base of the hanger. I made sure to leave an 1/8 inch space between the top of the triangle and the base. Let the glue dry for an hour.



- Since you’ll be misting your air plants every few days, apply a coat of Acrylic Clear Spray to seal the hanger. Let the hanger(s) dry for 24 hours before you hang. P.S. You may notice the hangers look a LOT like chicken feet, ha! You wont notice that once they’re on the wall.



- Find a special place to hang your newly created Air Plant Wall Hangers and add your air plants. Since I had smaller plants, I put 2 plants per hanger up.



- Enjoy!



If you enjoyed this DIY, please feel free to share!

- Chelsey, The Paper Mama


4 Responses to “ DIY-ify: Air Plant Wall Hanger ”

  1. HI very nice DIY project i would like to try it. It’s such a very nice idea to decor your home.

  2. I love this! Totally sharing it on my blog today & sending everyone over here for the full tutorial. You are really clever!

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