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April 2013

Cleaning comes with all sorts of tasks and products right?  Brooms, mops, vacuums, rags, sponges… the list goes on and on.  Keeping those cleaning goodies all corralled in one happy place is far more effective and time saving than having them spread throughout the home.

Sure, there are absolutely times where it makes sense to store specific cleaning supplies within an individual room, rather than heading back to the cleaning command station each day.  For example, I am a huge fan of keeping cleaning supplies tucked under the bathroom sink, since I tend to wipe up the bathroom on a daily basis.  By keeping the supplies right in the space that I clean each day, I am more apt to grab a sponge and spray.

Speaking of keeping supplies together.  My next cleaning product organization tip is to give yourself a cleaning caddy.  It makes it much easier to take a bucket or basket from room to room to dust, wipe down the glass, scrub a stain or clean the counters, rather than keeping products lined up under the kitchen sink or up on a shelf.

Again, I have found that by keeping my products together and portable, I am much more likely to want to use them.  It just makes things so much easier, and allows me to “work smarter, not harder”.


Back to the cleaning closet.  Closets are a great place to store those larger cleaning supplies, such as vacuums, brooms and mops.  And the smaller caddies and essentials can be tucked into bins and baskets within the same closet.  If your home is limited in closet and storage space, consider purchasing a utility wardrobe to your garage, entry or mudroom.

When planning out your closet, list all the daily, weekly, monthly and annual cleaning tasks that you tackle, and stock your closet accordingly.  Some might find it easier to divide out the cleaning supplies by specific tasks, others may select to divide them out by frequency or portability.

Utilizing the backs of the closet or cabinet doors, along with the interior walls of the closet, is the best way to maximize your storage capacity.  Over the door organizers or pockets are a great way to store extra supplies such as brushes, sponges, disinfecting wipes, gloves, etc… hooks and clips are also wonderful options for handled items such as dust pans and brooms.

If you are like me, and watch for your favorite products to go on sale and stock up on a few extras at that time, keeping a cleaning closet allows you to store your overflow cleaning supplies and products as well.   They are also a great place to stash extra bulky paper products.


A designated area for all of your supplies provides a great starting point to keeping a tidy and clean home.  Sometimes just looking at my cleaning items all nicely corralled, gets me inspired to turn up the music and do a little scrubbing.

{ 1 / 2 / 3 / 4  / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 }

A little inspiration for a twin room – can easily be neutral or more girly, depending on what you need, in fresh ultramarine and mint green:

blue baby nursery inspiration(1) Hammered Pendant; (2) Triangle Crib Bedding; (3) Ultramarine; (4) Gold Ampersand; (5) Mint Green; (6) What I Love Most; (7) Bear in the Mountains; (8) Let the Adventure Begin; (9) C’est Nous; (10) Blue Elephant; (11) LA; (12) Birch Sparrow Crib; (13) Aqua Metal Table; (14) Bird Pillows; (15) Ultramarine Dresser; (16) Poang Chair; (17) Multicolor Rug; (18) Blue Jewel Lamp; (19) Adventure Seekers; (2) Birds of a Feather

Hope you enjoy!  ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay 

A color palette that I just can’t seem to get enough of is midnight blue and black. It’s a moody palette with so much beauty and character. Because it is such a dark combo, it’s best to pair it with neutral, bright colors like whites and creams. If you are creating a living space using midnight blue and black, focus on bringing these colors in the furniture and accessories. Keep the bones of the room light and neutral. This collection screams high fashion! Here’s the look:

Products: Rug, Modern Chair, Pendant Light, Mirror, Dresser, Striped PillowFor even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Jacket.
Use Midnight Oil in upholstered pieces, leather pieces and accessories.

Color Inspiration: Dress.
For a dramatic accent wall, Polo Blue is a brilliant choice. Also use it in pillows, throws and ceramics.

Color Inspiration: Hair Color.
Falcon Brown is a perfect option for wood items. Use wood tables to break up this palette.

Bonus: Snow White is a perfect wall and floor color.

Photo via Harper’s Bazaar. Paint via Benjamin Moore.

I’m not exactly sure when it all started, but a few years ago, while planning my sister’s med school graduation party, I fell deeply in love with vintage doilies. I suppose there are worse things, right? And now that I’m planning my own wedding (which is 15 short days away–yikes!), I knew that I wanted to incorporate these handmade hand-me-downs and decided that table runners would be just the thing.

My mom and aunts have been on the hunt for these crocheted, tatted, and knitted masterpieces (estate sales are their favorite for buying in bulk and have the best prices) for nearly six months. And they’ve uncovered dozens in all shapes, materials, sizes, and tea-stained colors. I didn’t want anything too matchy-matchy, so these variations couldn’t have been more perfect. In one afternoon, my mom, sister, and I transformed more than 80 doilies into six table runners. First, we measured how large the finished product should be and marked it on my dining room table. From there, we laid out different-size doilies and formed a loose, organic pattern with overlapping edges. Then, using a needle and white thread, we stitched together the overlaps. When each was finished, we rolled it up in tissue paper and stowed it safely out of my dog’s reach (!). After the shindig, we can easily snip the stitches to disconnect the doilies and dream up another project.

What do you hunt for at estate sales or flea markets? I’d love to hear what catches your eye (and some potential replacements when I move on from my doily addiction)!

P.S.: I even used French paper doilies as part of our invitations. I tell you, I’m obsessed!

Happy DIY-ing!

-Alexa Fornoff, Shop BHG Editor



I’ve said it before: my home is small. We need to take advantage of each and every inch of our home. This is why I’m researching banquette style seating. It can be seating and storage ALL in one. That’s my kind of bench. I found this lovely space and decided I need to recreate it. Banquette seating is usually custom built and installed, but I have seen MANY people use the Expedit Shelving Unit from Ikea as a seat. Add some small furniture legs for height, some cushions to sit on, and some Expedit door inserts. Now you have a little DIY banquette set up! We are SERIOUSLY considering this DIY for our kitchen nook.



1. The Chicken Encyclopedia via William Sonoma 2. Keeping Chickens via William Sonoma 3. Scallop Platter via Bed Bath & Beyond 4. Metal Bell Pendant via World Market 5. Wall Ledge with Metal Brackets via Target 6. Candy Stripe Wave Pillow via Bed Bath and Beyond 7. Red and Blue Accent Pillow via Lamps Plus 8. Rosette Round Pillow via Anthropologie 9. Great White Pitcher via Pottery Barn 10. Expedit Shelving Unit via Ikea 11. Waddell Bun Foot Table Leg via Lowes 12. Lugano Table via World Market 13. Expedit Insert via Ikea 14. Woven Garden Stripe Rug via Wayfair 15. Wood Bowl via Bed Bath and Beyond 16. Swing Bottle via Sur La Table 17. Round Charger Plate via Wayfair


- Chelsey, The Paper Mama 

Springtime is here and part of coming out of winter hibernation includes having friends over for an afternoon of catching up and chatting. This sitting area is perfect for lounging with your circle of gal pals with fun pillows and glasses of lavender lemonade in hand. The pops of color and eclectic, vintage-inspired touches turn this area into a vibrant gathering space, making everyone able to relax and a laugh off a less than perfect week — what are good friends for?

Get this look: 1. A quality piece like this Chippendale dining table from Mahogany House Furniture is key. 2. These brightpatterned pillows from dwell studio are the perfect cheery accents. 3. This Helmes Wing Chair is a classic that can work in any home. 4. Add a few of these pretty pink Krokett Ikea glasses to the table to enjoy your afternoon sips. 5. This Ebony King Palm Frond specimen is both a keepsake and conversation starter. 6. This St. Germain folding chair evokes a french sitting room while also being storable for space efficiency. 7. This candy pink parisian love seat offers both a focal point and cozy seat to complete the look!

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