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Organize This: Changing Table!

Trend:  Dresser acting as a changing table!




Using a dresser as a changing table is a trend that has been around for awhile now, and I also think it is one we will see for years to come.  There are endless benefits; the most obvious being that it can quickly convert to long term storage once baby has outgrown the diaper changing days.  But dressers doubling as changing tables also make sense since they often times offer more surface space and more storage than standard changing tables do.  Have you fallen in love with the dresser to changing table back to dresser craze too?

Although it has been awhile since my little guys have been in diapers, it seems just like yesterday.  And even though many new products have since hit the market, many of the same ideas that helped me out then, are still relevant now.   Here are a few of my all time favorite tips for creating a super functional place to change your sweet little babe’s diapers.

Of course, a solid dresser or changing table is the first and most important item on the list.  Looking for one that contains multiple drawers wins big, since babies tend to come with a lot of gear.  Lotions and potions, onesies, stacks of diapers and wipes, it is so amazing how someone so little can need so much!



The surface of the dresser is a great place to keep the everyday baby care items, such as powder, lotion and cotton swabs, since they are accessed so frequently.  Bonus points can be earned for storing those items in pretty jars and lotion pumps or within decorative baskets, all which disguise the everyday baby clutter.



Inside the drawers, soft sided drawer organizers create multiple zones to neatly separate the different types of baby essentials.  These work especially well for outfits, bibs, socks and even more cute outfits (because they are so hard to resist)!



Drawers are really great for keeping all of those diapers out of site, yet nice and easy to access in a jiff.  And we all know we need nice and easy when babies are involved!



Another important thing to consider is the laundry.  Without getting into too many details, babies can be messy!



If you are limited on space, adding a few hooks to the side of the dresser or near it on the wall, is a great place to hang a laundry sack.  Those same hooks also are a great place to hang the diaper bag, since many times it needs to be reloaded at the changing table right before an outing.

If you are working with limited surface space, consider adding some decorative shelves above the changing table.



The shelves act as the perfect place to tuck extra diaper cream, powders and lotions, but can also serve as a happy display of art, toys and children’s books.



Last but not least, consider adding a small lamp or wall sconce on or near the changing table, with a low watt bulb.  They are perfect for giving off small amounts of light to get you through the late night changes and feedings, without the intensity that a typical overhead light provides.


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9 Responses to “ Organize This: Changing Table! ”

  1. Great post, however I don’t have any kids yet, so I will have to put it away for later!

  2. As exciting as it is to be on your site, I am frustrated that there is no mention of sources, simply image linking. When you go to Pin the image, there is no reference to the original source or photographer.

  3. I’m doing this at home with our baby and it’s awesome!! I found this super cool pocket organizer to add additional storage to our antique dresser table… works like a charm!

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