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I Did It: Beckie of Infarrantly Creative


 Hi all! My name is Beckie and I blog at Infarrantly Creative. While being featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine has always been on my bucket list, I never wanted to reach out to them. I guess there was this dream that they would “discover” me. So when Kit Selzer, BHG remodeling editor, reached out to me I about hyperventilated. She found me on Pinterest and wanted to talk to me about being featured in the “I Did It!” section. I tried to stay cool and not get my hopes up in case it didn’t pan out. The next thing I knew I had a date for the stylist and photographer to come photograph my stenciled, painted, upholstered headboard, as well as a few other projects, two weeks later.

DSC07182 - Low Res


I had a great time with photographer Edmund Barr and stylist Jenny O’Connor. It was a fun two days filled with discoveries. Here are a few:

1. Their attention to detail is kinda crazy. I knew ahead of time I could never do what Jenny does, styling homes for magazines. She notices tiny wrinkles and flecks of fuzz. When they shot my daughter’s hutch turned bookshelf, Jenny and Edmund were literally combing the carpet in my daughter’s room to make the picture BHG quality.




2. It’s hard to know how long something will take to photograph. That first day, in addition to the bookshelf, they shot the lamp made from crutches, my end table turned bookshelf project, and the vintage television turned hallway table. About 8 hours later and day one was a wrap. But they told me they’ve spent that long on two shots or 10 shots before.




3. How great would it be to always have a personal stylist? Jenny and I went shopping to find an outfit for me for Friday’s shoot. I desperately wanted to run into someone I knew so I could introduce Jenny as “my stylist.” Of course the stars didn’t align and I didn’t see a single soul I know. Bummer. HA!


4. Turns out, modeling is easy, haha! On the second day, Edmund and Jenny got the lights and camera ready and the guest room styled. We tried a few different poses but it only took us two hours to complete the shoot. The lighting was perfect, my smile was good (or so they said), and everything looked amazing.


DSC06968 - Low Res


5. Seeing my home through someone else’s eyes was enlightening. After perusing Edmund’s portfolio and seeing the amazing homes he has shot I kept thinking, “My home does not belong in BHG, he probably thinks my house is trash compared to what he is used to.” By the end of the photo shoot, I got to see the pictures he shot and I said, all emotional, “my home totally belongs in Better Homes & Gardens.”


DSC07068 - Low Res


The day came and my magazine arrived.  I squealed with delight and marked “be in Better Homes & Gardens magazine” off my bucket list.  What an amazingly fulfilling opportunity and a learning experience seeing how much time, attention and detail goes into each and every picture in BHG.


-Beckie of Infarrantly Creative


For more information about Beckie and to see her amazing projects visit her here!

8 Responses to “ I Did It: Beckie of Infarrantly Creative ”

  1. wow, I had no idea. Beckie, thanks for sharing what it takes to get your pictures on BHG! I will head on over to your blog and see what you have.

  2. yay Beckie! You and your home look fabulous! Congrats!

  3. Amazing Beckie! It sounds like an amazing experience!

  4. Becky, this is just so very cool, and I can say I knew you before you were famous. You truly do have a creative streak in you. I know that your family must be so very proud of your accomplishments and so should you.

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