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Get the Look: Bold Entry

This entry is all about making a bold statement with color,and the fearless use of stripes. Having an adorable yellow lab helps too. Find everything you need to get a similar look below (a furry friend is encouraged).

  1. crystal and silver table lamp
  2. “straw” tote bag
  3. fresh flowers in blue (try delphinium)
  4. eclectic dresser
  5. red paint for the door, blue and white for the dresser
  6. man’s best friend
  7. black and white striped rug


– Nicole Balch, Making it Lovely

4 Responses to “ Get the Look: Bold Entry ”

  1. Love the Red Door. is welcoming.

  2. Love the lean, fresh and inviting look. Everyone needs to feel welcomed when they arrive.

  3. I absolutely like stripes, most people just have the vision to see what it may look like! Closed mines, very few I know will step out of the box of plain walls oh they be colored or they for the tacky look by over doing it with a to much. The home I’m in now is not mine, I can decorate if it’s what I call boring, but it a beautiful home on the water but it would look a lot better if I could go to town, take walls down for sure. The home had 2 kitchen’s when I moved in I convinced the owner to take one out, I think now I should have kept the one upstairs and took the one down stairs and made just a bar area and a very large play room with a bathroom with a shower. It’s not MS friendly but it a roof over my head with a lot of potential, I should be investing in a home of my own instead of sinking money into someone else’s home and after that others inheritance, it always come down to to the money, I’ve spent mine here, haven’t ever thought about it until lately it’s called finding a place to live in the future, I would prefer to have a home were my grandson’s 2 – 4 year olds and one do in September grammie loves her boys plus my own kids. My MS made me retire early. I love design, I went to College for art/design. I worked for Michael Good but had allergic reaction to 24K gold I then Work for the State of Maine with my business back up in college! To much information I think you should know your fans just a little. Bottom line l love the design of the entryway it’s bold and cheerful! Great inspirations you put out there. Thank you.

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