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behind-the-scenes: kitchen and bath video shoots

Hi all! Kelly Eagle, digital editor for here!

Most days I write about beautiful kitchens and baths and hopefully inspire you with lots of ideas, but the other week I stepped away from my computer (I know!) for a couple of days in the video studio.

Over the course of two days we shot eight how-to videos. Since it’s not often that I get to help produce shoots, it was fascinating all over again: the importance of propping the shots so they look pretty and real; showing every step in the process and not skipping over details because they are complicated, ugly or difficult to shoot; and working in another medium made for a fun couple of days.


Molly, The Talent.


We shot how to clean tile floor, and once you see the video, you won’t know we used such a small area of tile or that it was raised off the floor.

The team and I also had some fun watching the process on the monitors.


Her feet look normal, right?


I’m also thrilled we shot this video (below) and I can’t wait to show you the beautiful tile backsplash we installed – and give you all of the tips and tricks to do it yourself.


It’s easier than you think!


Soon we’ll be able to share all eight of these fantastic new kitchen and bath videos with you, until then, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!


- Kelly Eagle, Associate Editor,




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