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Heard Around The Office: Bold Kitchen Tiles

I’d like to tell you that this is something everyone in the office is talking about–that juicy conversations about tile patterns are resonating within these walls where we’re busy pinning up the boldest and the brightest for inspiration.

In reality it’s just me. My voice carries, and I’m always pinning new things to my cube walls. And right now, it’s bold, large-scale, fairly traditional tile patterns.

My theory is that this is an emerging (or, actually, reemerging) trend. Most of us have seen these types of tiles before. Especially behind a range.


What’s different now is the approach. While these tiles are fine examples of traditional, Old-World style, they’re starting to pop up amongst clean-lined modern cabinetry, cozy cottage nooks, and eclectic, transitional decor. The mix of styles gives the look a fresh appeal. Plus, we’re seeing these tiles in new colors and graphic patterns, too.

I’m expecting these tiles to find a renaissance in the kitchen and bath–in the same way that wallpaper is back, creating accent walls and focal points, and bringing color, texture, and pattern to design. I wish I could show you the kitchen that inspired this post–a welcoming new space with a fun green island and fabulous bold tiles. But I just have to keep that to myself for now (you’ll find it in the Summer 2013 issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas) and settle on sharing a few of the tile patterns I’m currently crushing on.


  1. Lascaux: Spanish patterns
  2. Exquisite Surfaces: La Terre and Medina Deco collections
  3. Ann Sacks: Tiempo and Sakura decorative tiles


Now I’m not the only one talking about big, bold, and beautiful tile!

-Kristina McGuirk, Kitchen and Bath Ideas 




3 Responses to “ Heard Around The Office: Bold Kitchen Tiles ”

  1. Beautiful. I especially love the green and white for our small kitchen splash. Our house is a Spanish Style hacienda. Thank you for posting.

  2. Bold colored tiles give so much attitude and life to a kitchen. I’d say tiles with good texture too, like this–Tile-tropical-bathroom-tile

  3. I like the black and white kitchen although I would need to develop a whole new cleaning schedule for that, hahaha. I really like this cube style tile from the same line:
    It reminds me of Escher and sort of suits my more modern proclivities.

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