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Organize This: Small Laundry Nooks

We just returned home for a short little vacation away, which was amazing!  However, we are a family of five, and that means we created a family of five’s worth of laundry over the few days we were away traveling.   And that my friends, means I will be spending a lot of extra time playing catch-up over the next couple of days, which also means I will be hanging out in our laundry room a lot more than normal.


It’s moments like that in which I am grateful that we have the room we do for emptying suitcases and washing up our apparel, and all of the storage available for things even beyond laundry care.  I have learned that our space is not the norm when it comes to laundry, most homes are not built or designed with entire laundry rooms.  We just happened to get lucky.  Which also got me thinking about smaller laundry nooks.  If done right, a small laundry nook or closet can still have major storage and functionality.  It just may require a little extra creative thinking and space planning, but it absolutely can be done.  And wouldn’t you know it, that laundry “nooks” can also be styled in a way that makes them feel like another room in the home and a place that you will actually feel inspired to do laundry within?  Just take a peek at this incredible setup:

Extremely compact, but oh so functional.  Adding floating shelves above the washer and dryer is such a key step in maximizing the vertical storage space.   By adding a counter over the top of the washer and dryer, there is now a built in folding table.  A few other things I noticed are the hanging valet for drying shirts and the hanging ironing board holder, both compact enough to take up very little space.

Another example is seen here of maximizing the space above the washer and dryer.  Transferring everyday laundry care items from their original packaging to pretty canisters, offers a clean look and reduces visual clutter that can quickly take over in a smaller area.  I spy a retractable clothes line which is perfect for pinning up items to dry, but takes up absolutely no space when not in use.

Here is an other retractable option for hanging and drying clothes.  It saves valuable floor space by hanging on the wall.

I am a huge fan of creating small kits, which are portable and keep necessities corralled together.  I do this all over my home, and in the laundry room is no exception.  Create a spot for ironing essentials, another for cleaning supplies and another for garment repair and maintenance.  A pretty crate or basket keeps it all looking nice and streamlined and holds it all together.

Sleek and slim rolling carts, which can tuck on the side or in-between the washer and dryer, area always a space saving storage win.  As are wall hooks when there is no space for an entire hanging rod setup.

A timeless space saving solution is to go the stacking route.  By having the washer and dryer take up the vertical space, you may be able to add in a wash sink or floor to ceiling shelves and storage, that may not have been possible with the side by side models.

I love that closet doors were replaced with soft linens in this laundry nook.  The curtains save a ton of space that doors would have taken up from sliding side to side or swinging into a hall.

Here the ironing board just flips right out from the wall!  No more dragging the clunky ironing board around, or worrying about how you are going to store it!

My oh so favorite laundry room tip, isn’t necessarily organizing related… I say, “Go bold or go home!”  Laundry can be a mundane daily task, however, how can you not be smiling and happy when you are surrounded by beautiful and bright colors?  Take a moment to draw inspiration from your favorite locations, seasons, artwork or objects, and bring that excitement to the room where most of the chores happen.

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21 Responses to “ Organize This: Small Laundry Nooks ”

  1. I could tell how great you are in your field of interest. You could relate in each detail very well. Thank you for spending a time on sharing such informative writings to us. I will bookmark your page and looking forward to read some more of your writings soon.

  2. I always love your posts, Jen! I want to go redo my laundry room right. now. :)

  3. Love this post!! just a tiny typo:

    Sleek and slim rolling cards, which can tuck on the side or in-between the washer and dryer, area always a space saving storage win. As are wall hooks when there is no space for an entire hanging rod setup.

    – I think CARDS should be CARTS. Thanks for the great options for laundry rooms!

  4. Jen, your website articles are brilliant and this particular article is no exception. As always, you select stunning visuals which inspire. I love your aesthetic and the items you’ve chosen are very timely for me! Glad you are featured here at BHG which gives us Jen Fans one more place to read you!

    Best, always,


  5. Great blog and a great spot for inspiration. Especially because i’ll be using some cheap garden decor but very creative for my outside garden. Thank you so much. Keep up this blog!

  6. Skin health and laundry nooks are related. Good post.

  7. That looks awesome, much like my skin care site about how to tighten up skin naturally.

  8. I LOVE the big bold clothespin wall decal….where did you find that?

  9. whoah this blog is magnificent i lovve reading your posts.
    Keep up the great work! You realize, a lot of people are hunting around for this information, you cann help them greatly.

  10. I thought the wall paper was gigantic spaceman suits. I could see the arms and legs and what seemed like buttons. Imagine my surprise to learn they were all clothes pins. I am laughing to myself. Unfortunately, I have a stackable washer/dryer combo in a hall closet with a louvered door on a track. Very efficient use of space but I must store my big container of liquid detergent right on top of the washer as it won’t even fit in the space above the dryer and the ceiling. No room for a trash can. No room to hang dry stuff. Plus it’s at the entrance of the hall bathroom. Guess I am lucky it’s not in the garage downstairs at least. It’s difficult to organize no space at all.

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