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March 2013

The pantry is often a small space, however, it has to function BIG!  Typically used to store food, it may also be the home of small appliances, serving pieces, paper products, etc… That means it is important to maximize the space provided and organize it in a way that makes sense on a daily basis.

Here are some of my no fail pantry organizing tips!

  • It’s good to give your pantry a good starting foundation.  Foods of all kinds are stored in the pantry, and that can mean drips and spills.  I started in our own pantry by adding pretty liner, which has provided us with super simple clean ups.
  • Hanging a clipboard within the pantry will allow you to keep a weekly shopping list right at your fingertips.
  • Tuck a step stool inside to help you reach the shelves up high with ease.


  • Tiered shelves and lazy susans are magical additions to the pantry since they don’t allow items to get lost in the back.  They keep everything visible and easy to access.


  • A dry erase board mounted inside of the pantry is a great spot to manage meal planning.
  • The addition of simple hooks allow you to hang linens within the pantry; everything from aprons to hand towels to oven mitts.


  • Label, label, label.  Labels are great for determining food types {especially when similar in shape, color and size}.  They also help ensure that things make their way back to their original home.


  • By using clear storage containers within the pantry, you can always see exactly what you have on hand right at first glance, and food stays fresher for longer.


  • The back of the cabinet or pantry door is always prime real estate for storage of all kinds.  Over the door organizers, magnetic boards and hooks are all great items that will make the most of your space.


  • Divide your pantry into areas or zones that make the most sense to your daily routine.  Keep like items together and categorize items by food type.  Place frequently used items right within reach and less used items up high or down low.
  • Another great way to maximize the space originally provided, is to invest in expandable organizers, which clip below shelves or stack above, to ultimately triple your storage.


  • Pantries tend to be designed a few feet deep, which means things can easily be forgotten in the back.  A great solution is to install roll out drawers so that nothing shows up on the missing persons food report.


  • Baskets make a great, less expensive alternative option to the pull out cabinet drawers.  They hold the same functionality of pulling all contents out at a time, but at a fraction of the cost.


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Today’s board is taking inspiration from this new season and Easter, which is around the corner:bunny baby nursery inspirationSources, from top left: (1) Quatrefoil Pendant; (2) Orange Ranunculus; (3) Little Brass Bunny; (4) Vintage Bunny Card; (5) Dandelion; (6) Molasses print; (7) Hadrian Poster; (8) Painted Pebbles Print; (9) Speckled Egg Pillows; (10) Natural Sparrow Crib; (11) Pink Lamp; (12) Chevy Blue Dresser; (13) Love Love Me Do; (14) Adelaide Rocker; (15) Fluffy Bunny Rug; (16) Bunny Close Up; (17) Turquoise Sticks Pouf; (18) Harlequin Pillow; (19) Bunny in the Grass

Happy Easter!  ~Joni, Lay Baby Lay

Hi all! Kelly Eagle, digital editor for here!

Most days I write about beautiful kitchens and baths and hopefully inspire you with lots of ideas, but the other week I stepped away from my computer (I know!) for a couple of days in the video studio.

Over the course of two days we shot eight how-to videos. Since it’s not often that I get to help produce shoots, it was fascinating all over again: the importance of propping the shots so they look pretty and real; showing every step in the process and not skipping over details because they are complicated, ugly or difficult to shoot; and working in another medium made for a fun couple of days.


Molly, The Talent.


We shot how to clean tile floor, and once you see the video, you won’t know we used such a small area of tile or that it was raised off the floor.

The team and I also had some fun watching the process on the monitors.


Her feet look normal, right?


I’m also thrilled we shot this video (below) and I can’t wait to show you the beautiful tile backsplash we installed – and give you all of the tips and tricks to do it yourself.


It’s easier than you think!


Soon we’ll be able to share all eight of these fantastic new kitchen and bath videos with you, until then, I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!


- Kelly Eagle, Associate Editor,




Spring has sprung and I find myself dreaming of the sun and it’s beautiful rays. Decorating in a golden palette is not just a stylish option, but so very fun and fresh. Creating a golden palette is as easy to the eyes as the clothing ensemble seen below. Using creams, oranges, golds and browns can create a very seamless design. The key is to layer color upon color. Too much of one color and you’ve got a matchy matchy design. Also, for every gold and orange, use a neutral color to bring balance. Here’s the look:

Products: Tunnel Stool, Mid Century Sofa, Pendant Light, Vase, Tahiti Pillow, Gold RugFor even more finds inspired by this palette, go here.

Color Inspiration: Blouse.
Cotton White is a creamy option to use as a backdrop for your golden inspired room.

Color Inspiration: Pant stripes.
Use a bright color like Marques Orange in accessories and fabrics.

Color Inspiration: Shoes.
Eastlake Gold is perfect for lighting fixtures, hardware, vases and other accessories.

Color Inspiration: Clutch.
Another gorgeous accent color to use in accessories and even curtain panels is Kumquat.

Bonus: Add Cardboard in upholstered pieces.

Photo via Harper’s Bazaar. Paint via Sherwin Williams.




I’d like to tell you that this is something everyone in the office is talking about–that juicy conversations about tile patterns are resonating within these walls where we’re busy pinning up the boldest and the brightest for inspiration.

In reality it’s just me. My voice carries, and I’m always pinning new things to my cube walls. And right now, it’s bold, large-scale, fairly traditional tile patterns.

My theory is that this is an emerging (or, actually, reemerging) trend. Most of us have seen these types of tiles before. Especially behind a range.


What’s different now is the approach. While these tiles are fine examples of traditional, Old-World style, they’re starting to pop up amongst clean-lined modern cabinetry, cozy cottage nooks, and eclectic, transitional decor. The mix of styles gives the look a fresh appeal. Plus, we’re seeing these tiles in new colors and graphic patterns, too.

I’m expecting these tiles to find a renaissance in the kitchen and bath–in the same way that wallpaper is back, creating accent walls and focal points, and bringing color, texture, and pattern to design. I wish I could show you the kitchen that inspired this post–a welcoming new space with a fun green island and fabulous bold tiles. But I just have to keep that to myself for now (you’ll find it in the Summer 2013 issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas) and settle on sharing a few of the tile patterns I’m currently crushing on.


  1. Lascaux: Spanish patterns
  2. Exquisite Surfaces: La Terre and Medina Deco collections
  3. Ann Sacks: Tiempo and Sakura decorative tiles


Now I’m not the only one talking about big, bold, and beautiful tile!

-Kristina McGuirk, Kitchen and Bath Ideas 





1. Subway Tile … Lowes

2. Hyacinth Tray Basket … Walmart

3. Keep Calm Wash On Poster … Poster Pop on Etsy

4. Ekby Aluminum Wall Shelf … Ikea

5. Penny Candy Jar … Amazon

6. Laundry Valet … Amazon

7. DIY Laundry “Wash” Jar and Laundry Detergent … The Paper Mama

8. Metal Housekeepers Box … Amazon UK

9. Wall Decal … Kreative Corner Designs on Etsy

10. Green Towels … Target

11. Water Hyacinth Basket … World Market


We have a small space for our laundry “room” and I’ve been collecting inspiration to make it a happier space. This small space laundry room (pictured below) is one of my favorite idea photos I’ve found so far. It’s definitely inspiring me and I hope it can inspire you.



- Chelsey, The Paper Mama

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